The Line-Up for 8-17-2012

There was too much show this week. I just had to squeeze a 13-minute Dr. Lonnie Smith song into the hour and things overflowed but I consider it a bounty of riches. Brad Mehldau - Wonderwall When Beady Eye played "Wonderwall" with the wonky vocals during the Olympics closing ceremony, did it leave a bad taste in your mouth? It did for me, so I used this week's 1 spot to fix that. Apple Juice Kid - Bitches Christian Scott - Who They Wish I Was I considered this week's show excuse to have a Jamire Williams set, which gave me another excuse to play from Christian aTunde Adjuah again. Dr. Lonnie Smith - Backtrack The Healer is a great album, period. You should get it, seriously. ERIMAJ - Conflict of a Man I wanted to play a new track from Conflict of a Man this week but I didn't get the album in time for the show. Anticipation continues to grow. Teebs - Yellow More New Steve Lehman Trio - Pure Imagination I am more than impressed with Lehman's Dialect Fluorescent. Robert Glasper Experiment - Gonna Be Alright (F.T.B.) feat. Ledisi It's hard not to sing along with this. Toro y Moi - Sweet Neal Evans - In Your Dream This song is just too cool. It's seems like it should play out like an easygoing dream but a lot of BANG. is like you're a spy who has an afro but still manages to stay inconspicuous. This song especially. BADBADNOTGOOD - UWM (feat. Leland Whitty) I was playing this song yesterday at home and had a one man dance party in my kitchen. It was kind of ridiculous. Space Ghost - Naps Aronas - Happy Song This song is here 1) because of time constraints, I needed a shorter song 2) because it's awesome. Also, I know Ottignon is hella busy but when are we getting a new Aronas album. The spice must flow.


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