The Line-Up for 10-26-2012

Today has been a rather odd day. It's been a rather odd week. It's best not to go into it. You know what takes my mind off the oddity that is this week? Good music. Anat Cohen - Anat's Dance This song is a reminder to me to revisit Claroscuro later while I'm in this year-end analysis period. Cohen's album may be my surprise of the year. Karriem Riggins - Summer Maddness S.A. Takuya Kuroda Sextet - Jafro Just got this album, Six Aces, in today. I haven't even heard it yet. We're learning about this together. However, Kuroda has come up and fast. Dude has become quite a fascinating trumpeter. Miles Okazaki - Dozens I felt like coming back to Miles Okazaki this week. Just a whim. Karriem Riggins - daoooh!! Brad Mehldau Trio - Holland This song just makes me particularly happy. Jason Moran - Gangsterism Over 10 Years I'm trying to get into Moran's show in Austin at the Paramount on Thursday night, and you should, too. Christian Scott - Van Gogh The Bad Plus - Wolf Out Man, oh, man, I love this song. I want to headbang to it. Portico Quartet - Ruins I revisited Portico Quartet's self-titled album which released back in January. I forgot how much I really enjoyed this album. Flying Lotus - Tiny Tortures ERIMAJ - This Night, This Song This song is pretty much perfect.


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