The Line-Up for 3-4-2011

This is actually the first time in a few weeks in which I walked into the studio without a concept for a show already in mind. Fortunately, I managed to pull together some more new stuff from some folks I've been playing lately and the computer also got my back this week by throwing in some pretty choice cuts. Altogether, your standard awesome jazz show out of San Antonio.

Kyle Eastwood - Hot Box
This was a computer selection but I rather like the idea of the son of Clint Eastwood as a jazz bassist with a song called "Hot Box."
The Trio of Oz - I Will Possess Your Heart
This one came up out of scrolling through the new additions to the computer. First, the name of the group caught my eye but once I saw this title, I thought to myself, "They can't really be doing what I think they're doing. Really?" They totally are.
Austin Peralta - Ode to Love
1) Yes, I'm still loving this album and will likely be tossing it around in my head come December when it's time to make year end lists.
2) I finally saw Lords of Dogtown the other day. It's nice to get the context surrounding his dad. This kid is really forging his own path, though, in a really cool way.
Brad Mehldau - Things Behind the Sun
This version from Live in Marciac is just a little bit better than when he played this on 2004's Live in Tokyo. The Tokyo version had a nice solemn tone to it that really hits me but the beat he added to his Marciac rendition really brings it.
Plunge - Life Lite
It's a computer selection and it's new. I figured I'd give it a shot. With it just being a group of horns, I figured it could juxtapose the sparseness of this group to a solo piano without missing much.
Rahsaan Roland Kirk - I Say A Little Prayer
I feel I've been ignoring the soul set lately so I figured I'd halfway ease myself back with some Rahsaan Roland Kirk. It's only one song but when it comes to Kirk, you may not need much more soul than him.
Kenneth Whalum III - If We Try
This song came up while I was riding the bus home yesterday and I felt so inspired, I knew it had to come up again on the show this week.
Tia Fuller - Shades of McBride
I know this concert has been on my mind for a little bit but it still felt like a bit of a surprise to me. I guess it's because I'm sort of surprised it's already March and I'm wondering if I'm going to make it to SXSW and in the whirlwind of all these thoughts, that's when I noticed this concert fell right in the middle of it. It does need it's due attention but this also means I should be paying it attention myself. This is a taste of that.
Grand Pianoramax - Infidel
So Leo Tardin is going to be playing a show at SXSW. I'm really shocked but sort of excited that a jazz act is playing SXSW, an official show at that. It being an official festival show, this means I'm almost definitely not getting to see it, but that doesn't mean my excitement wanes. I'm glad jazz, especially jazz on the fringe like this, is getting this kind of exposure.

Oh, I want to make a note of this. I really really really want to go to SXSW but I'll need a place to crash in Austin. If I have any listeners in Austin or who knows anyone in Austin who can loan some floor space for me and a friend for a night or two, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Mic Breaks
Erykah Badu - Gone Baby, Don't Be Long
Mogwai - White Noise
Kanye West - Devil in a New Dress
Miguel Atwood-Fergusson - Affolements Grantiques
Miguel Atwood-Fergusson - Don't Nobody Care 'Bout Us


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