The Line-Up for 1-6-2012

It's the first Line-Up of the new year and I have a ton of new music to play. I'm pretty hype.

Jaspects feat. Janelle Monaé - 2012
The computer picked this track but how can you say no to playing this? Even JJ Lopez was eyeballing this track but left it to me to play.
Flying Lotus - ...And the World Laughs with You feat. Thom Yorke
Dave Douglas - Fatty's Day Off
The computer also picked this track but I'm not making a habit of that this week.
Nicolay with the Hot at Nights - Satellite
I decided to run with another track from the Shibuya Session EP. It's new enough to fit in with this show and I think it works particularly well in this set.
Mister Barrington - Landing
When I'm telling you II is going to be a vast improvement over this group's self-titled debut last year, believe me. My stanning for Danziger, Rockberger, and Biddle is paying off right now.
Radiohead - Climbing Up the Walls (Zero 7 Remix)
Neil Cowley Trio - Rooster Was a Witness
Cowley's The Face of Mount Molehill is one of those releases I got shortly before putting this show together. I haven't had the chance to listen to it yet but I knew that it'd find it's place in this week's show the moment it found it's place in my inbox.
Aaron Staebell - April 4, Boston
Staebell is going to be one of those artists to watch because when he matures and focuses his ideas more, he'll be outstanding.
Graham Reynolds & the Golden Arm Trio - Caravan
I'm a sucker for any version of "Caravan" and Reynolds is bold enough to make this cover special.
Madlib - Young Warrior
Johnathan Blake - The Eleventh Hour
We're going to be streaming this album at Nextbop next month. This is just a taste.
Enoch Smith Jr. - Love is Stronger
I seriously slept on Misfits at the latter end of last year but I'm on my Ps and Qs now and will be sure to give this album some spins in the future. Also, Sarah Elizabeth Charles does Sade right.
Robert Glasper Experiment - Move Love feat. KING
I had a little trouble with a track I posted the other day from Black Radio with Erykah Badu (which is equivalently dope). It wasn't quite ready for the world, but as long as tracks like this can be out in the midst, I can be patient.
Thievery Corporation - Shadows of Ourselves
Portico Quartet - City of Glass
I just got Portico's latest album today in the same email wherein I got the new Neil Cowley album. I'm excited for this album.


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