The Line-Up for 11-11-2011

Why is this day relevant? Y'know, other than the whole Veterans' Day thing. I don't understand why folks are making such a big deal out of the alignment of numbers. I mean, yeah, it looks sort of cool written out but it's still nothing all that important.

Anyway, I have been looking forward to this show this week just based on the excitement I felt at some of the new music I got this week. I've been loving Teebs' Collections 01 from Brainfeeder and Jonti's Twirligig from Stones Throw. Just having that as a framework for new stuff from Portico and BADBADNOTGOOD have propelled me through this week to the moment I put together this show. I hope you're as pleased listening to it as I was making it, though I'm not even sure if you can be as pleased listening to it as I was just thinking about making it.

ERIMAJ - For You (For Who?)
I was trying really hard to find a song for the top of the hour. Normally, I play something a little more subdued to start the show off and then ease folks in. This week, since I'm so happy about many of the new tracks this week, I decided to cast that pattern aside and play something particularly funky to get folks feeling the show from the start.
Jonti - Hornets Nest
Portico Quartet - Ruins
I flipped when I found out Portico is soon to release new stuff. I think I downloaded this track the moment they released it, knowing full well I'd want to share it with you, dear listener. This new album is going to be soooo dope.
Francisco Mela - Yo Me
This track sort of snuck up on me in my commute. It's sneakily cool.
Benjamin Moussay - Hopalong
I honestly needed to fill about 2 1/2 minutes and this fit quite well into this week's show.
Teebs - Yellow More New
Harriet Tubman - Night Master/Ascension
I play Harriet Tubman from time to time just because I can. This group grows on me more and more whenever I listen to them.
Ari Hoenig - Higher to Hayastan
This album closer is probably my favorite track from Lines of Oppression (still streaming now at Nextbop).
Teebs - Your Favorite Weekday
Nicholas Payton - Freesia feat. Esperanza Spalding
It's sort of nice that Payton is feeling his validation for getting Bitches released. It's a mixtape no more. I figured I'd play this track again to commemorate that.
Rachelle Ferrell - Don't Waste Your Time
I'm so psyched about the Rachelle Ferrell concert at the Carver on the 12th, if you couldn't tell. I know every note in this song and I can sing along with the whole thing... except for one note. You'll know it when you hear it.
Teebs - LSP feat. Austin Peralta
These guys keep churning out the awesome. This was just bound to happen.


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