The Line-Up for 9-2-2011

It's the first episode of the show with the new theme song, Christian Scott's cover of Thom Yorke's "The Eraser". I'm sort of excited about that. Other than that, it's an altogether great show even without the new glossy cover.

Chris Dingman - Indian Hill
I hadn't played any Dingman in a while but it seemed appropriate since it seems he's getting a whole bunch of great attention now that his album is out.
Cloning Americana - On the Rise
Kory got ahold of this album recently and has spoken quite highly of this group. I like what I heard and much like anything else on this show, I yoinked the idea and played it here.
Francisco Mela & Cuban Safari - Toma Del Poder
I first got this album last week and it was one of the biggest surprises of that week. This is definitely worth copping.
D'Angelo - Spanish Joint
I love this song; don't you?
Kenneth Whalum III - If We Try
The track that comes after this one by LFQ reminded me a lot of the dynamics in the group Whalum put together for his album. They seem like a good fit.
Rosenberg-Lefkowitz Quintet - Second Face
Sometimes it pays to email with persistence if your music is up to snuff and I'm in a particularly good mood. This group got to me at the right time and it gets a slot in the show. Maybe their album will hit you the same way it hit me.
Kyle Eastwood - Over the Line
What I found most surprising about Eastwood's new album, Songs from the Chateau, was how many of the tracks are not straight ahead jazz, defying my expectations.
New York Electric Piano - 2nd Millennium Rag
The computer picked this one and it is definitely worth leaving in the show.
Erik Truffaz - The Mask
Kory got a bunch of albums from a friend recently. It's literally a grab bag sitting in his office. Last week, I was lollygagging around the station much longer than usual and listening to the stash of stuff he got and this one stuck out to me. There was this interesting turning point in the early '00s with jazz and what it would start to take on within the genre. I believe our thinking of fringe jazz in its current form stemmed from what was taking shape in this era. I've never really heard anyone talk about Truffaz before but his Blue Note album, The Mask, is definitely indicative of that era and seems noteworthy. This is me making that note.
Herbie Hancock - Alphabeta
Two years after Truffaz's The Mask came Hancock's Future 2 Future which shares much of the same aforementioned genre-shaping influences. This album is rarely mentioned but I cherish it all the same and will bring it up from time to time to talk about its relevance.
Jill Scott - Rolling Hills
I've been fighting for this track for two weeks now. It got bumped last week from some mysterious computer error. I've been trying to justify playing it to much of the station staff and yet here it stands.

Mic Breaks
MF DOOM - Saffron
MF DOOM - Arrow Root
BadBadNotGood - Salmonella
DJ Cam feat. Erik Truffaz - The Emperor
Zero 7 - Everything Up (Joker and Ginz Remix)
Jill Scott - The Light of the Sun


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