The Line-Up for 9-9-2011

I didn't note it on the air but this week marks my 2 year anniversary of The Line-Up. We've come a long way and I'm proud of this show, what it has spread to the masses and how it has really been a lynchpin for Nextbop. Now, in the tradition of spreading dopeness...

Kyle Eastwood - Marciac
For some reason, Kyle Eastwood really came correct for his latest album, Songs from the Chateau. The energy has really flared up. I dig it.
Ben Allison - We've Only Just Begun
It was another one of those "hey, I haven't played [blank] in a while" moments.
Terri Lyne Carrington - Crayola
I was sort of shocked to hear this on Carrington's The Mosaic Project instead of Esperanza Spalding using this song for one of her own albums. It's just as good live as it is in the studio. It's a blast of fresh air.
Adam Cruz - The Gadfly
Milestone is a great album, period. Rarely do I hear anything from Sunnyside Records that doesn't knock me off my feet. Sunnyside isn't a record label, these folks are master curators of talent.
Tigran Hamasyan - What the Waves Brought
I've had A Fable for months and Seb has likely had it longer than I have. It's apparently been out since February but I haven't heard much talk about it, to the point that I thought I was holding onto some ridiculously early copy that's furloughed by the record label until its due time. Then I heard Gilles Peterson play a track on his BBC1 Radio show a few weeks ago and knew it was time to get this out there into the world as it so rightly deserved.
Thundercat - Fleer Ultra
Thundercat is awesome. You've heard me say that enough. Why don't you have The Golden Age of Apocalypse yet?
Frank Zappa - Blessed Relief
A track from The Grand Wazoo popped up during my commute this week so I figured it was time to play Zappa once again.
Terremoto - Turbulence
This was another track that arose from combing through the library. I'll have to investigate this group further.
Starlicker - Skull Cave
This rolled through the station recently and seemed pretty good. It's adventurous stuff. Double Demon is definitely worth a listen.

Mic Breaks
dela - Get Busy
Jermski - Particle
The Remix Project - Tribe Called Quest - Electric Relaxation
The Remix Project - Outkast - Prototype
dela - Can It B So Simple


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