2007: The Year of Accountability

One very crucial value I think people should have is accountability. It keeps people in check. It oversees action. It forces people to consider consequences. Accountability is a quality that I have come to cherish in my life. It is also a value that I would love this institution to uphold this year.

The hustle and bustle of this new year is filled with hope. We wrap up registration, moving in, and preparing for the start of classes with goals in mind. This August marks the beginning of something for all of us whether it is as students, faculty, or staff. Yet we must keep in mind that this start is something we control. This fall semester is a clean slate for any transgressions, whether they are academic or personal.

This fall semester should begin with a pledge that the 141st year of Morehouse College should far surpass the progress we made in the 140th. The mark of excellence that we like to say we have begins with all of us towing the line. All of us must be receptive to one another’s needs. We must be subject to one another in order for the institution and those within it to thrive.

This begins with accountability. This begins with the notion that each student should embrace every facet of manhood, successes and failures. This begins with each administrator focusing on the matriculation of each Man of Morehouse. This begins with each staff member recognizing his or her crucial role in the machine that is this college. His begins with each professor carrying the burden of reaching each student. This begins with all of us recognizing accountability.

We all must strive to our personal bests in order for Morehouse to shine. We all must make each day be better than the last. We must let our promise sustain from August and let it fulfill itself by May. I have hope fur this year and I feel I share that hope with those around me. I pray that hope provokes action. I hope that action brings forth good fruits. I pray for the 141st year of Morehouse.

And I hold myself accountable for my part of Morehouse.


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