A Retrospective of the DNC

Let me just post this last one up before I have to do coverage of the RNC, now with fewer calories and more concern for beleaguered citizens.


For an event that I largely didn't care for, what I did see convinced me to be at least relatively impressed. For three days, what was expected to happen, happened. Every star of the Democratic Party toed the line and didn't betray their people, much to the chagrin of various pundits and news managers who were waiting for an extended floor fight. And, as has been previously reported 38 million people witnessed history as Barack Obama addressed America. Although that figure doesn't count those who watched the coverage on PBS or C-SPAN (as I did) or the various people who watched the convention in bars and parties across America.

But one more thing I have to mention about Obama's speech: it did more than what it needed to do. For a few segments near the end, Sen. Obama appealed to moderates. When he noted the differences in America and the need for us to unite, one must note that he was completely aware that the world was watching. While staunch Democrats may have been watching the previous three days, on that evening Obama knew he had the ear of the world. On that evening, Obama had a responsibility to uphold; to ensure that he not only energize his devotees but to do as a politician must do and win the hearts and minds of the nation. He had to convince the other nations of the world that he was ready to stand on a global stage and lead. He had to convince the moderates and even the Republicans that even in our differences, we are all part of one nation and have to work together. Republicans aren't the enemy, they just have a different view for America, a view with its own merits.

I hope all those reading this will note this and I hope my colleagues will be ready to do this all over again next week for the Republican National Convention. It'll probably be just as fun for us to be more critical next week anyway.


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