What I Was Doing New Year's... New Year's Eve

I've been reading the San Antonio Current a lot more lately and on the front page of the website, I ran across this video:

Most of the coverage here was from the San Antonio Zulu Association New Year's Ball. I know because I was there. What sort of gets to me is how I didn't remember there was a camera around. I mean, I was asleep in my chair between 11:30 and 11:55, but I really think I would have noted the Current around.

Still, that's not what I'm writing this for. (Actually, I'm shooting for funny but I think I'm failing. Eh, we get back on the horse.) That evening, and it's captured in the video, there were two people. Two white people in this largely black social event. There they were on the dance floor, moving with everyone else (although, maybe two steps behind everyone else in the Electric Slide).

When I first saw them, I immediately wondered what they were doing there. They were clearly out of place. They spoke to no one just as I didn't speak to anyone (for I was probably the youngest person in attendance who wasn't working there). Even their drink of choice for the evening was out of place from the others (rum screwdrivers). I wondered if they came with the band (the woman danced with the drummer at the end of the night and they both hung out on stage when everyone was cleaning up).

It had to be awkward for the both of them. I know because it was awkward for me and I'm at least black.

These were things on my mind that night other than how bored I was and how often I should walk up to the open bar.


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