African-American Reflections: Esperanza Spalding Wows

A couple of weeks ago, Esperanza Spalding performed at the Carver Community Cultural Center and I reviewed her great performance.

This past Friday, April 17th, may have been known throughout the Alamo City for a soggy “A Taste of New Orleans” and Oyster Bake, but it also brought about a spectacular show by the very talented Ms. Esperanza Spalding.

Spalding certainly put up no front about the person she was. She has a tendency to bring elegance and gravitas to her very casual, carefree nature. Early on in the first set, she kicked off her recently acquired vintage heels (of which she was certain to inform the audience of her purchase) and lost a hair clip. If anything, she was preparing the audience for an evening full of histrionics as she wailed on her acoustic and electric basses.

Head to African-American Reflections and read about that awesome concert you wish you could have seen.


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