The Line-Up for 8-27-2010

I was in a pretty bad mood a couple of days ago and I just needed to play a bunch of ballads to get myself out of it. The next morning, I filled a whole Post-It note with songs I knew I'd play this week. I don't normally play an evening of ballads but that's where I'm headed for this show and I hope you come along for the ride.

Christian Scott - Isadora
I find this song placement sort of odd on this album. Much of the press and commentary for Yesterday You Said Tomorrow lauds it for being such a spot on political jazz album, but in the midst of all those angry tunes with a message is a song to Scott's girlfriend that's as beautiful as any other love song. Sometimes when you're fighting the power, you still have to take some time for loving. I guess this song isn't that out of place, after all.
Esperanza Spalding - Wild is the Wind
A friend of mine some months ago wanted me to play this song originally as Nina Simone sang it. I told him I couldn't since it wasn't in this show's format but I'd do the best I could. I knew Spalding sang this song last year at Newport and I was just waiting for her to record a version so I could play it on the show. She finally did that with Chamber Music Society, so here at last, I fulfill my friend's request.
Jason Parker - Three Hours
I've been teeming with anticipation for Parker to release his Nick Drake project and he's finally performing it live. That means he's oh so close to recording it and it's oh so close to a few of those tracks reaching your ears on this very show. Hopefully you're excited, too.
Brad Mehldau -  Secret Beach
Between performing with John Mayer, writing really long essays, celebrating his 40th birthday, and his persistant touring, Brad Mehldau has been a really busy guy lately. 
Joe Sample - Nica's Dream
For a moment, I figured I'd play something else a little higher energy but I had a theme and I was sticking to it. This Horace Silver tune is perfect for this evening.
The Crusaders - Marcella's Dream
I've wanted to play this song on the air since I first noticed it was in the system. I've always loved this song but was always looking for an opportunity to play it. Tonight, that opportunity presented itself.
Nujabes - Peaceland
And we close out the hour with a little funkier song than we've heard all night, but still very melodic, very jazzy, and still very very smooth. Jun Seba is no longer with us and that still saddens me but I'll still appreciate the work he left behind. 


Jason Parker said…
Hey Anthony!

Thanks so much for all your support of my Nick Drake project. We had an amazing show on Friday and I'm really excited to get into the studio and lay these tracks down.

I posted some video of the show on my blog...check it out here.


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