The Line-Up for 3-22-2013

I'm still in recovery mode from SXSW so I may not be as up on new music as I'd like but there's still plenty of new music this week that you should check out. The Line-Up for 22 March 2013 Eddie Moore and the Outer Circle - Anger Management UFSP - Lovely Lady Quest - Pinocchio Gilad Hekselman - Nothing Personal Teebs - Bleep Jon Wirtz - Awakening Brian Girley - My Cross to Bare Butcher Brown - 1975 UFSP - 5th Uri Gurvich - Camelao Mostly Other People Do the Killing - Is Granny Spry? UFSP - Look at Me Glows in the Dark - Rung By Rung feat. Count Bass D & Jawwaad Taylor


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