The Line-Up for 4-19-2013

I would have attempted a 4/20 playlist for tomorrow but playlists are hard. Also, I felt this to be a particularly strong week of music releases posted on Nextbop and wanted to compile them into an hour. Seriously, it's been a good week musically. The Line-Up for 19 April 2013 Brad Mehldau Trio - Everything In Its Right Place Skalpel - Long Distance Call Gerald Clayton - Shadamanthem Portico Quartet - Ruins (Live) Demian - Out of Green Ink; Dyo Bonobo - Jets Darcy James Argue's Secret Society - Prologue Darcy James Argue's Secret Society - The Neighborhood Teebs - Your Favorite Weekday Darryl Reeves - Butterfly (U)nity - D'Axels Dream UFSP - Chill Mode Iron and Wine - Lover's Revolution


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