The Line-Up and Evolve for 18 & 19 August 2023

The Line-Up for 18 August 2023

Terrell Stafford, the title track to Between Two Worlds

Jonti, the title track to Twirligig

Joel Harrison, "Migratory Birds" off Anthem of Unity

Chris Speed Trio, "Uncomfortable Truths" off Despite Obstacles

Johnathan Blake, "Tiempos" off Passage

Teebs, "Yellow More New" off Collections 01

Kait Dunton, "Seventy-Three" off Keyboards

Nite Bjuti, "Soursop" off their self-titled album

Gretchen Parlato & Lionel Loueke, "I Miss You" off Lean In

Lucia Cadotsch, "No Apology" off AKI

Rel, "On My Way" off Out of View

Pascal Le Boeuf, "Ritual Being, Pt. 1" feat. Friction Quartet & Remy Le Boeuf off Ritual Being

Tomas Fujiwara, "Solace" off Pith

Space Ghost, "Porco" off You're There LP

Billy Mohler, the title track to Ultraviolet

Evolve for 19 August 2023

3 o'clock hour

Claire Daly / George Garzone, "The Saga of Harrison Crabfeathers" off Vuvu for Frances

Teebs, "Why Like" off Ardour

Brian Blade & The Fellowship Band, "Look To The Hills" off Kings Highway

Joe Farnsworth, "Terra Nova" off In What Direction Are You Heading?

Flying Lotus, "Comet Course" off Los Angeles

Terrell Stafford, "You Taught My Heart To Sing" off Between Two Worlds

Joel Harrison, "Today Is Tomorrow's Yesterday" off Anthem of Unity

The Stuyvessants, "Roosevelt Projects Jam Session"

Yosef-Gutman Levitt, "Myriad" off Soul Song

Naya Baaz (Rez Abbasi & Josh Feinberg), the title track to Charm

Itamar Borochov, "What Broke You?" off Arba

Nujabes, "Aruarian Dance" off Samurai Champloo Soundtrack

Wayne Escoffery, the title track to Like Minds

4 o'clock hour

Johnathan Blake, "West Berkley St." off Passage

Teebs, "Pretty Poly" off Collections 01

Billy Mohler, the title track to Ultraviolet

Lucia Cadotsch, "Bitter Long Lying Leisure" feat. Kurt Rosenwinkel off AKI

THEESatisfaction, "Wrong Turn" off THEESatisfaction LOVES Erykah Badu

Pascal Le Boeuf, "Obliquely Wrecked" feat. Justin Brown off Ritual Being

Tomas Fujiwara, "Solace" off Pith

Teebs, "View Point" off ESTARA

SLUGish Ensemble, "No Justice, No Peace" off In Solitude

Gretchen Parlato & Lionel Loueke, the title track to Lean In

Nite Bjuti, "Mood (Liberation Walk)" off their self-titled album

Taylor McFerrin, "Stepps" off Early Riser

Kurt Elling & Charlie Hunter, "Black Crow" off Superblue: The Iridescent Spree


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