The Line-Up and Evolve for 17 & 18 November 2023

The Line-Up for 17 November 2023

Trio Grande (Will Vinson / Gilad Hekselman / Nate Wood), "Strasbourg St. Denis" off Urban Myth

Baths, "Maximalist" off Cerulean

Hays Street Hart, "Row Row Row" off Bridges

John Bishop, "Rücksichtslos (Ruthless)" off Antwerp

DJ Harrison, "Carnaval 74" off Stashboxxx

Miguel Zenon & Dan Tepfer, "Frontline" off Internal Melodies

Resavoir, "Inside Minds" off Resavoir (II)

Miguel Atwood-Ferguson, "Taijasa" off Les Jardins Mystiques Vol. 1

Space Ghost, "Porco" off You're There LP

Rotem Sivan, "The Tree - For Hilde" off Dream Louder

Billy Mohler, "Disorder II" off Ultraviolet

Dave Easley, "East Of The Sun" off Ballads

Space Ghost, "Starship 2097" off You're There LP

Jonah Yano, "Concentrate"

Evolve for 18 November 2023

3 o'clock hour

Simon Moullier, "You Must Believe In Spring" off Inception

Makaya (McCraven), "A New Movement" off Living Beats EP

John Bishop, "Lawns" off Antwerp

Lawrence Fields, "Parachutes" off To The Surface

DJ Harrison, "Echo Parking" off Stashboxxx

Hays Street Hart, "Capricorn" off Bridges

Rotem Sivan, "Dragon" off Dream Louder

Miguel Zenon & Dan Tepfer, "317 E 32nd St." off Internal Melodies

The Angelica Sanchez Nonet, "Big Weirdo" off Nighttime Creatures

Gold Panda, "We Work Nights" off Half of Where You Live

Yuhan Su, "Didion" off Liberated Gesture

4 o'clock hour

Steven Lugerner's SLUGish Ensemble, "No Justice, No Peace" off In Solitude

Radiohead, "Meeting In The Aisle" off Airbag/How Am I Driving? EP

Butcher Brown, "This Side of Sunshine" off Solar Music

Psychic Temple feat. Lisa Bella Donna, "Approaching Sunset" off A Universe Regards Itself

Maria Elena Silva, "Love, If It Is So" off Dulce

Hiatus Kaiyote, "Nakamara (Bendaur's Double Rainbow Mix) off Tawk Takeout

Miguel Atwood-Ferguson, "Ano Yo" off Les Jardins Mystiques Vol. 1

Resavoir, "Sunset" off Resavoir (II)

Teebs, "LSP" feat. Austin Peralta off Collections 01

Daniel Villarreal w/ Jeff Parker & Anna Butterss, "Daytime Nighttime" off Lados B


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