The Line-Up and Evolve for 17 & 18 May 2024

The Line-Up for 17 May 2024

Joe Webb, "Eternal 1er" off SET EP

Space Ghost, "Porco" off You're There LP

Jasper Høiby, "What It Means to Be Human" off 3Elements: Like Water

Daniel Janke Winter Trio, "Giant" off Available Light

Behn Gillece, "In the Huddle" off Stick Together

Space Ghost, "Naps" off You're There LP

LATRALA, "Empress" off their s/t album

Jasmine Myra, "Still Waters" off Rising

Black Diamond, "Zoetic" off Furniture of the Mind Rearranging

MF DOOM, "Camphor" off Special Herbs

John Escreet, "Call It What It Is" off the epicenter of your dreams

Aleksi Glick, "His Spirit" off World Traveler

Melissa Aldana, the title track to Echoes of the Inner Prophet

Mister Barrington, "Helter's Kelter" off II

Donny McCaslin, "MAXINE" off KID 7"

Evolve for 18 May 2024

3 o'clock hour

Julieta Eugenio, "Trapped" off Stay

Ufsp, "Sunny Delight"

Marta Sanchez, "I Don't Want To Live The Wrong Life And Then Die" off Perpetual Void

Aleksi Glick, "Nordic Bossa" feat. Laureana off World Traveler

Behn Gillece, "Shimmering Sands" off Stick Together

dela, "Can It B So Simple" off The Robert Glasper Beat Tape

Anthony D'Alaessandro, "The Golden Mean" off Searchin'

Daniel Janke Winter Trio, "Blessed Assurance" off Available Light

Flying Lotus, "Zodiac Shit" off Cosmogramma

Fergus McCreadie, "Snowcap" off Stream

Jacky Terrasson, "Solar" off Moving On

John Escreet, "Departure No. 1" off the epicenter of your dreams

Nujabes, "Araurian Dance" off Samurai Champloo Soundtrack

Nicola Caminiti, "Elliptical Biking" off Vivid Tales of a Blurry Self-Portrait

4 o'clock hour

Joe Webb, "Eternal 1er" off SET EP

Mndsgn, "Convert" off Yawn Zen

Byron Asher's Skrontch Music, "Threads" off Lord, when you send the rain

Charles Lloyd, "Monk's Dance" off The Sky Will Still Be There

Vijay Iyer / Linda May Han Oh / Tyshawn Sorey, "Tempest" off Compassion

Teebs, "Pretty Poly" off Collections 01

Dave Douglas, "Blood Count" off GIFTS

Jasmine Myra, the title track to Rising


Alan Braufman, "Edge of Time" off Infinite Love Infinite Tears

Brent Birckhead, "Cold Fried Chicken" off Cacao

Teebs, "Why Like" off Ardour

Black Diamond, "Zoetic" off Furniture of the Mind Rearranging


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