The Line-Up and Evolve for 7 & 8 June 2024

The Line-Up for 7 June 2024

Joshua Moshier, the title track to semiperminance feat. Marquis Hill

Prefuse 73, "Lion Chorus" off New Strategies For Modern Crime Volume 1

Michael Dease, the title track to Grove's Groove

Behn Gillece, "In The Huddle" off Stick Together

Gregory Groover Jr., the title track to Lovabye

Ufsp, "Moth Man"

Alan Braufman, the title track to Infinite Love Infinite Tears

BADBADNOTGOOD, "Eyes On Me" off Mid Spiral: Chaos

Morgan Guerin, "Pyramid" off Tales of the Facade

THEESatisfaction, "Juiced" off awE naturalE

Basher, "Conflict Inverse" off May Day

Phillip Golub, "Catching A Thread" off Abiding Memory

Mo Kolours, "Keep It Up" off EP2: Banana Wine

SML, "Industry" off Small Medium Large

Evolve for 8 June 2024

3 o'clock hour

BADBADNOTGOOD, "Your Soul & Mine" off Mid Spiral: Chaos

Butcher Brown, "Dusk on Crenshaw" off Virginia Noir

Janel And Anthony, "Pacific Grove Monarch" off New Moon In The Evil Age

Lauren Henderson, the title track of Sombras

Andrew Bird Trio, "I Cover The Waterfront" off Sunday Morning Put-On

Mo Kolours, "Temi" off EP2: Banana Wine

Milton Nascimento & esperanza spalding, "Outubro" off Milton + esperanza

Julieta Eugenio, the title track to Stay

Space Ghost, "Naps" off You're There LP

Michael Dease, "Broadway" off Grove's Groove

Dave Douglas, "Take The A Train" off GIFTS

Julian Lage, the title track to Speak to Me

Flying Lotus, "All In" off Until the Quiet Comes

Gabriel Genest, "Stalemate" feat. Jean-Nicolas Tottier off As It Is

4 o'clock hour

Bill Frisell & Brussels Philharmonic, "Richter 858, No. 7" off Orchestras

Prefuse 73, "Vast Wildlife Poison" off New Strategies For Modern Crime Volume 2

Black Diamond, "Zoetic" off Furniture of the Mind Rearranging

Jacky Terrasson, "R&B" off Moving On

John Escreet, "Departure No. 1" off the epicenter of your dreams

The Roots, "Hall & Oates" off Dilla Joints

Joe Webb, "Eternal 1er" off SET

Phillip Golub, "Threads Gather" off Abiding Memory

Kenny Warren, "Sky Fish" off Sweet World

Mo Kolours, "Tusk Dance" off EP3: Tusk Dance

SML, "Industry" off Small Medium Large

Jeremy Pelt, "Basquiat" off Tomorrow's Another Day

Morgan Guerin, "Silhouette" off Tales of the Facade

Jonti, "Pássaros" off Twirligig

Alan Braufman, "Edge of Time" off Infinite Love Infinite Tears


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