The Line-Up and Evolve for 5 & 6 July 2024

The Line-Up for 5 July 2024

Apifera, "Bazooka Zoo" off Keep the Outside Open

Teebs, "Why Like" off Ardour

Alex Sipiagin, "When You Weren't Looking" off Horizons

Alfredo Colón, "Santo" off Blood Burden

Laurent Coq, "Nawari" off Confidences

dela, "Get Busy" off The Robert Glasper Beat Tape

Joshua Moshier, the title track to Semiperminance feat. Marquis Hill

BADBADNOTGOOD, "Setima Regra" off Mid Spiral: Order

Mndsgn, "Frugality" off Yawn Zen

Black Diamond, "Zoetic" off Furniture of the Mind Rearranging

Nicola Caminiti, "Elliptical Biking" off Vivid Tales of a Blurry Self Portrait

Mark Guiliana, "Hero Soup" off MARK

Flying Lotus, "Breathe . Something​/​Stellar STar" off Los Angeles

SML, "Search Bar Hi Hat" off Small Medium Large

Evolve for 6 July 2024

3 o'clock hour

Gabriel Genest, "Kairos" off As It Is

Mndsgn, "Convert" off Yawn Zen

Gregory Groover Jr., the title track to Lovabye

Milton Nascimento & esperanza spalding, "Outubro" off Milton + esperanza

Jasmine Myra, "From Embers" off Rising


Andrew Bird Trio, "I Cover the Waterfront"

Tarbaby, "Dee Dee" off You Think This America

Alexis Valet, "Myrtle" off Following the Sun

Teebs, "While You Doooo" off Ardour

Alan Braufman, "Edge of Time" off Infinite Love Infinite Tears

Laurent Coq, "Nawari" off Confidences

THEESatisfaction, "Wrong Turn" off THEESatisfaction Loves Erykah

Bill Frisell & Brussels Philharmonic, "Lush Life" off Orchestras

4 o'clock hour

Jasper Høiby, "What It Means To Be Human" off 3Elements: Like Water

Nujabes, "Araurian Dance" off Samurai Champloo Soundtrack

Jeremy Pelt, "Ante Meridiem" off Tomorrow's Another Day

Morgan Guerin, "Pyramid" off Tales of the Facade

Basher, the title track to May Day

Mndsgn, "TXT/MSGS" off Yawn Zen

Alex Sipiagin, "Lost" off Horizons

Joe Webb, "Rosetta" off Set

LATRALA, "Uptown" off their s/t album

Nujabes, "Tsurugi No Mai" off Samurai Champloo Soundtrack

SML, "Three Over Steel" off Small Medium Large

Simon Moullier, "800" off Elements of Light

Petter Eldh, "Ozean" feat. Philo Tsongui

Nujabes, "The Space Between Two Worlds" off Samurai Champloo Soundtrack

John Escreet, "Other Side" off the epicenter of your dreams


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