My Dad Said He Should Get a Rottweiler

CNN had an article today about the lifestyle that faces President-Elect Obama's daughters, Malia and Sasha. It's interesting to think about them and how young they are. By the end of this term, they'll only be 14 and 11. If Obama wins a second term, they'll just be 18 and 15. How do you even face a relatively normal life after that?

But what I'm really thinking about is a line from the president-elect's acceptance speech: "You have earned that puppy that is coming with us to the White House." A question came up today in the president-elect's first press conference about that dog. The American public really wonders what this dog is going to be. For some odd reason, this is an issue to people.

President-Elect Obama played the question off sarcastically while still answering the question authoritatively. Still, with the tenth consecutive month of American job losses announced today, I think the dog question was best not asked at this juncture.

Let's stick to the issues, people.


j.p. shelton said…
hey hey now--that puppy issues is IMPORTANT.

it's ridiculous--don't worry about important stuff--just the puppy.

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