The Line-Up for 1-21-2011

I really had no clue what to play for this week. I almost just put together a whole show of Radiohead covers (that could still happen at some point). Still, I put together a show with a good mix of new and old that came together pretty well with little hints here and there for next week's show commemorating Joe Sample's birthday (on February 1st).

Medeski, Martin & Wood - Junkyard
I figured I'd put some MMW in here but thought it a little risky to play them at the top of the hour. This is me living dangerously.
Takuya Kuroda - Blue Tomato
I've had this album for a little while but haven't given it a proper chance yet. Consider this Kuroda's chance for me.
Joe Lovano Us Five - Passport
Everyone is talking about this album lately. I mean absolutely everyone in the jazz world. This is me jumping on the bandwagon as any good radio host should.
Jaco Pastorius Big Band - Good Morning Anya
I was first exposed to Jaco Pastorius in the winter. I don't know if his music is good for this season but that's when he always called out to me. With it still a little chilly, now's a good time for him.
Marcus Miller - Amandla feat. Roy Hargrove
We've had Miller's new album, A Night in Monte Carlo at Nextbop for a good little while now and there are more tracks there up for streaming. Also, we've got a contest running right now for you to get the chance to win an autographed copy (It's station policy for us to not mention contests on the air or calls to action, but I'm pretty sure I can mention this here on the blog). This is just a taste.
Donald Byrd - Think Twice
I can't stop singing the praises of The Revivalist. Their post this week on this song is the reason why "Think Twice" made my soul set of the week. The variations of this song are worth a listen.
CTI All-Stars - Fire and Rain
I think the era CTI label is one of my favorite periods in jazz. Benson, Hubbard, Carter, Turrentine, Laws? What? A group like that is just crazy.
Russell Gunn - I Wish
I didn't know Russell Gunn covered this Carl Thomas song (remember him?). It's a little slow for me at the start but still a good cover.


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