The Line-Up for 1-7-2011

Alright, so I clearly couldn't make it to New York for Winter Jazz Fest, I still can relish in such a festivals options with a radio station's resources before me. You can do the same by proxy.

Gregory Porter - Feeling Good
Folks around the station have been singing the praises of Gregory Porter for some time now. Now that I think about it, I can't think of a another distinct, soulful voice like his on the scene right now. Porter seems to be the kind of guy who is the voice of his time right now.
Anat Cohen - What a Little Moonlight Can Do
If Cohen's show is as awesome as her stop by San Antonio last month, the folks at (Le) Poisson Rouge are in for a great show.
Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey - 7 Inch 6
I need to make a note to myself to learn more about this group. I never knew the reach they had.
Robert Glasper - Festival
I really like this song but it's another one of those songs I don't often play because I find it too challenging for air play. This week, I succumb to the instinct of the frenetic groove.
Jason Lindner's Now Vs Now - Big Pump
Now Vs Now really was one of my favorite albums of 2009 that I discovered a hair too late. When Lindner drops his next project on us, I'm going to be all over it.
Aaron Goldberg - The Rules
I honestly don't know enough about Aaron Goldberg but I'm working on it.
Tia Fuller - Ebonics
Fuller's accolades have been picking up steam a lot lately. Her presence at Winter Jazz Fest must be pretty huge. Her upcoming San Antonio appearance is going to be pretty big for us, too.
Kendrick Scott Oracle - Mantra
Kendrick Scott is one of those names I keep seeing but don't know enough about (I say that a lot). Still, I felt this song would be a great closer for the show.


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