The Line-Up for 12-9-2011

This show felt sort of weird. I'd put a couple tracks together and wander off until a new idea came to me. I didn't have anything prepared in advance, everything just sort of came together in its own time. Even the few computer selections had their own special part in this week's Line-Up.

Austin Peralta - Ode to Love
The computer picked this one but I knew I'd have to include it because it's around that time to start mulling over what are the best albums of the year. Peralta's Endless Planets is one of those releases that's getting a little of that mulling.
Toro Y Moi - Intro/Chi-Chi
Shane Endsley and the Music Band - Big
I wanted to play some Endsley this week. I didn't have a special reason, it just felt like it was time. This is actually one of one two folks I knew I wanted to play this week in advance, that's how much I knew it was time.
Fabian Almazan Trio - The Vicarious Life
I mean it when I say that I really like Almazan's Personalities. The album is a true delight.
Jonny Greenwood - Proven Lands
Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey - Black Wall Street
Race Riot Suite is another one of those albums that it's time to consider. It's an ambitious album.
Ben Allison - Jackie-ing
Usually when I play a track from Action-Refraction, this isn't one of the tracks I play. I figured I wanted to play some Allison but I'd switch things up.
Joe Locke - Time Like the Present
Computer selection, simple as that
Toro Y Moi - Lissoms
Steve Bernstein's Millennial Territory Orchestra - Sly Notions
I knew I'd end up playing a track from MTO Plays SLY eventually.
Flora Purim - Open Your Eyes, You Can Fly
Here's the chain of thoughts in my head which led me to playing this track.
The Karin Krog track from this Stanton Davis cratedigging piece EGON wrote for NPR a week and a half ago reminds me a lot of Flora Purim and this major track of hers. The KRTU library doesn't have any Karin Krog but it does have this track, and I really really like this song, so I'm playing it.
David Axlerod - Urizen
The computer picked this track but it was just too cool for me to cut. I seriously worked around this track and its placement, I even moved the Steve Bernstein and Flora Purim around to accommodate it. This track is way too cool and I now need to do some research on David Axlerod and listen to Song of Innocence.
Teebs - LSP feat. Austin Peralta
Mister Barrington - Mister Barrington's Daydream
I haven't played any Mister Barrington in a while.


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