The Line-Up and Evolve for 10 & 11 June 2022

The Line-Up for 10 June 2022

Aaron Parks / Matt Brewer / Eric Harland, "Lunar" off Volume Two

Flying Lotus, "All the Secrets" off Until the Quiet Comes

Steven Feifke, "Sunrise in Harlem" off The Role of the Rhythm Section

Aaron Seeber, "Unconditional Love" off First Move

Bonobo, "Cirrus" off The North Borders

Jeremy Pelt, the title track to Soundtrack

Kind Folk (John Raymond / Alex LoRe / Noam Wiesenberg / Colin Stranahan), "Mr. Hope" off Head Towards the Center

Keith Hall, "Douglass King Obama" off Made in Kalamazoo

Mo Kolours, "Keep It Up" off EP2: Banana Wine

Ali Shaheed Muhammad, Adrian Younge, Lonnie Liston Smith & Loren Oden, "Love Brings Happiness" off Jazz Is Dead 011

Billy Mohler, "Equals" off Anatomy

Teebs, "LSP" feat. Austin Peralta off Collections 01

Brandon Seabrook / Gerald Cleaver / Cooper-Moore, "Seething Excitations" off In The Swarm

Evolve for 11 June 2022

3 o'clock hour

Quinn Sternberg, "Insomnia" off Cicada Songs

Teebs, "Yellow More New" off Collections 01

Aaron Parks / Matt Brewer / Eric Harland, "Montara" off Volume Two

Sued / Nandayapa / Bergmann / Saunders,"Julius" off While It Lasts

DJ Harrison, "Giza" off Stashboxxx

Way North, "Pajarillo Verde" off New Dreams, Old Stories

Lynne Arriale Trio, "March On" off The Lights Are Always On

Keith Hall, "Get Up Get Out" off Made in Kalamazoo

Makaya (McCraven), "Late" off Living Beats EP

Jacob Garchik, "Fanfare" off Assembly

Immanuel Wilkins, "Shadow" off The 7th Hand

Tigran Hamasyan, "Laura" off Stand Art

Teebs, "View Point" off E S T A R A

Jeremy Pelt, "Picking Up the Pieces" off Soundtrack

4 o'clock hour

Aaron Seeber, "Out Of The Past" off First Move

Flying Lotus, "Zodiac Shit" off Cosmogramma

Miles Okazaki, "In Some Far Off Place" off Thisness

Ches Smith, "I Need More" off Interpret It Well

Teebs, "Pretty Poly" off Collections 01

JoVia Armstrong, "Shades and Shapes" off The Antidote Suite

Tomas Fujiwara's Triple Double, "Life Only Gets More" off March

Billy Mohler, "Nightfall" off Anatomy

Nujabes, "Aruarian Dance" off the Samurai Champloo Soundtrack

Brandon Seabrook / Gerald Cleaver / Cooper-Moore, "Vibrancy Yourself" off In The Swarm


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