The Line-Up and Evolve for 23 & 24 September 2022

The Line-Up for 23 September 2022

Julian Lage, "Heart Is A Drum" off View With A Room

Teebs, "Yellow More New" off Collections 01

Bobby Broom, "Budo" off Keyed Up

Samara Joy, "Nostalgia" off Linger Awhile

Redman/Mehldau/McBride/Blade, "Disco Ears" off Long Gone

Gold Panda, "S950" off Half of Where You Live

Gentiane Mg, "The Moon, The Sun, The Truth" off Walls Made of Glass

Rufus Reid Trio w/ The Sirius Quartet, "This I Ask Of You" off Celebration

Tumi Mogorosi, "At The Limit Of The Speakable" off Group Theory: Black Music

Makaya (McCraven), "Diversions" off Living Beats EP

KingKlavé, "Osain'" feat. Pino Palladino, Javier Santiago, & Marcus Machado off his self-titled album

Caploe Brothers, "Ways To Go" off their self-titled album

JD Allen, "Irene (Mother)" off Americana Vol. 2

Henry Franklin with Ali Shaheed Muhammed & Adrian Younge, "Karibu" off JID014

Jonti, "Pássaros" off Twirligig

Makaya McCraven, "The Fours" off In These Times

Evolve for 24 September 2022

3 o'clock hour

Samara Joy, "Social Call" off Linger Awhile

Teebs, "Pretty Poly" off Collections 01

Chucho Valdes & Paquito D'Rivera Reunion Sextet, the title track to I Missed You, Too!

Tom Harrell, "Fivin'" off Oak Tree

Craig Davis, "Escape" off Tone Paintings


Billy Drummond & Freedom of Ideas, "Changes for Trane & Monk" off Valse Sinistre

Steve Turre, "Don D." off Generations

Space Ghost, "Naps" off You're There LP

Allison Miller/Carmen Staaf, "New York Landing" off Nearness

Jon Cowherd Trio, "Chickmonk" off Pride & Joy

Brian Lynch and Spheres of Influence, "Dance the Way U Want To" off Songbook Vol. 2: Dance The Way U Want To

Flying Lotus, "meadow man2" off ideas+drafts+loops

Redman/Mehldau/McBride/Blade, the title track to Long Gone

4 o'clock hour

Julian Lage, "Castle Park" off View With A Room

Teebs, "Why Like" off Ardour

Charles Lloyd Chapel Trio, "Blood Count" off Chapel

Taurey Butler, "Sisyphean Task" off One Of The Others

Amina Figarova, "Morning Dew" off Joy

Tycho, "Hours" off Dive

Steve Gadd/Eddie Gomez/Ronnie Cuber/WDR Big Band, "Lucky 13" off Center Stage

Caploe Brothers, "Zydecology" off their self-titled album

KingKlavé, "5/4 joint feat. Joshua Crumbly off his self-titled album

Makaya McCraven, "Seventh String" off In These Times

Rel, "Running Circles" off Out Of View

Tumi Mogorosi, "Panic Manic" off Group Theory: Black Music

Theo Croker, "Cosmic Intercourse Pt. II" feat. Chris Dave off Love Quantum

JD Allen, "Down South" off Americana Vol. 2

The Stuyvessants, "Roosevelt Projects Jam Session" off The Stuyvessants

Henry Franklin with Ali Shaheed Muhammed & Adrian Younge, "People's Revolution" off JID014


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