The Line-Up and Evolve for 28 & 29 October 2022

The Line-Up for 28 October 2022

Eric Mullins, "JFK To ACC" off Unexpected Beauty

Mndsgn, "Sheets" off Yawn Zen

Duduka Da Fonseca Quarteto Universal, "Samba Novo" off Yes!!

Avram Fefer, the title track to Juba Lee

Darryl Harper, "Cash In Your Face" off Chamber Made

Nujabes, "Tsurugi No Mai" off the Samurai Champloo Soundtrack

Caity Gyorgy, "Start Again" w/ Jocelyn Gould off Featuring

Mark Guiliana, "a path to bliss" off the sound of listening

The Bad Plus, "You Won't See Me Before I Come Back" off their self-titled album

Rel, "Six In The Morning" off Out Of View

Michael Blake, "Focus Pocus" off Combobulate 

Jeff Parker / Eric Revis / Nasheet Waits, "Drunkard's Lullaby" off Eastside Romp

Teebs, "Your Favorite Weekday" off Collections 01

Henry Franklin with Ali Shaheed Muhammed & Adrian Younge, "Karibu" off JID014

Evolve for 29 October 2022

3 o'clock hour

Immanuel Wilkins, "Avalanche" off Here It Is: A Tribute to Leonard Cohen

Ufsp, "Lovely Lady"

Eric Mullins, "I Had You In Mind" off Unexpected Beauty

Gentiane Mg, "The Moon, The Sun, The Truth" off Walls Made Of Glass

Darryl Harper, "Kaleidoscope" off Chamber Made

DH Harrison, "Carnaval 74" off Stashboxxx

Pasquale Grasso, "Lamento Della Campagnia" off Be-Bop!

Samara Joy, the title track to Linger Awhile

Tom Harrell, "Evoorg" off Oak Tree

Caity Gyorgy, "I Feel Foolish" off Featuring

Rel, "On My Way" off Out Of View

Emmet Cohen, "My Love Will Come Again" off Uptown In Orbit

Arturo Sandoval, "El Pecoso" off Rhythm & Soul

KingKlavé, "Mad" off his self-titled album

Jeff Parker / Eric Revis / Nasheet Waits, "Wait" off Eastside Romp

4 o'clock hour

Mark Guiliana, "the most important question" off the sound of listening

Flying Lotus, "FLOTUS" off ideas+drafts+loops

Julian Lage, "Word For Word" off View With A Room

JD Allen, "Down South" off Americana Vol. 2

Dave Douglas Quintet, "Peace Within Your Walls" off Songs of Ascent: Book 1 - Degrees

Bonobo, "Jets" off The North Borders

Michael Blake, the title track to Combobulate 

Gard Nilssen Acoustic Unity, "Spending Time With Ludvig" off Elastic Wave

Duduka Da Fonseca Quarteto Universal, "Exodo" off Yes!!

Space Ghost, "Starship 2099" off You're There LP

The Bad Plus, "Not Even Close to Far Off" off their self-titled album

Makaya McCraven, "High Fives" off In These Times

Flying Lotus, "The Nightcaller" off Until the Quiet Comes

Redman/Mehldau/McBride/Blade, the title track to Long Gone


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