I'm having a good October with Chalk It Up and PechaKucha

(photo by Josh Huskin)

I'm changing up the usual posting of playlist to promote/document this upcoming October where I'm excited to have a couple of different things going on.

I've been asked this year to make a piece for ArtPace's Chalk It Up. This will be my third year as a featured artist, a fact that still blows my mind that it's happened at all. I've always loved this family friendly event, taking over downtown Houston Street with sidewalk chalk on the Second Saturday of October. It's always been a kind of perfect day in San Antonio and it's immensely humbling to be a part of it yet again. It's also the day of the partial solar eclipse and I'll be handing out eclipse glasses to kids when I'm not working on my text piece. Hopefully, I'll see you there on October 14th.

At the end of October, I'll be hosting the next PechaKucha on Wednesday, October 25th at the Empire Theater. This is also my third time taking part in this cool event-- I auctioned off a Franco Mondini-Ruiz painting the first time and did a PechaKucha of my own the second time. I'm rather excited about being a host in a context outside of radio and I'm hoping I don't get myself in trouble and say something foolish as I present folks and do Q&As with them. No matter what, a I'm sure I'll wear a great outfit that you wish you saw, so you should be there to see it and to laugh at my jokes.

Otherwise, the bar & bathhouse I manage, Camp Hot Wells at 5423 Hot Wells Way (next to the Hot Wells of Bexar County Park at 5503 S. Presa St.), is having an eclipse party if you don't happen to make it to Chalk It Up on the 14th. It'll be fun, there will also be eclipse glasses there, and going there still helps me out as it's still my day job. Besides, it'll be an awesome place to watch the eclipse since CHW is still the secret San Antonio is slowly finding out about. You should roll through!


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