Beware April’s Allure

Anthony Harris
Opinions Editor

T. S. Eliot once wrote, “April is the cruellest month.” Seventy one years later, jazz singer Michael Franks disagreed with him. Despite my love of Eliot, I’m clinging more to Michael. Besides, Spring is a great season and Joe Sample never recorded with T. S. Eliot.

The best thing about April is the return of such great energy. Winter’s harshness is over. People can stop complaining about the cold, myself included. Everything around is green and coming to life. The idea that the end of the school year is closer and closer.

But there is a certain responsibility that comes with April. Final grades are nearing. Seniors are moving like the wind to collect signatures for their graduation clearance forms. Organizations fight over who gets to run Hump Wednesday. Everyone has to focus more on the balance s/he must maintain between work and play. Research paper or party. Mulling over whether or not you should skip that late afternoon class to stay outside in the sun a while and socialize.

Last Friday afternoon, I was walking out of my building. The temperature was fine and spring seemed to be on the horizon. Everyone was out and about, wearing light colors. Everyone was wearing breezier attire; the men were appreciative. It was a fair Friday afternoon. Why, it was the Negro rendition of Vanity Fair. Young men and ladies were strolling on Brown St. It was a lovely, lazy day.

But no one cared to note the hazard to come. For while everyone was focused intently on one another and the April sun, no one looked at the sky. No one looked at the bourgeoning storm that was soon to come. No one was prepared for the torrents soon to fall from the sky. The sun merely peeked through the gathering clouds, amplified through its obscurity.

(It rained quite a bit Friday night.)

Perhaps this is how I look at graduation or life in general, thinking like the ant but acting like the grasshopper. But I take a small responsibility when I say, we should take a certain effort not to lounge about or get our priorities out of order. Deadlines for final papers and tests are soon. Graduation fees and clearance forms are due on the 25th. New jobs or internships (or plans in general) should be lined up soon (and perhaps a period of detox to start, as well).

As we look at what we have before us, we must focus not only on the future of this school with SGA candidates but with ourselves. We must ensure that our own futures are secure and that we can each help the AUC individually. We need not only clean, drama-free elections but also high grades and internal growth. We should not rest on our laurels and breeze through to May; we should press authority figures on issues and work our hardest consistently.

We have to fight the urge to get the Itis that is spring fever. Our persistence must be constant and we should continue to run this marathon of life. But in this, we must not forget an internal peace. We must not forget to find solace in the balance of life, in both work and play, and ensure that we hold to a path that is good for all and in harmony with nature (that environmental conference did a little number with me).

As a Baptist, I worship God on Sundays. I don’t know what others do, but I hope that whatever you do, it brings you a peace to get through life striving toward more and that it provides you the strength to endure life. That sort of peace, balance, and harmony with all is what I intend to get this Sunday and I hope you do the same.


back2life said…
Good post, and I totally understand that. The past 2 weeks have been amazing, the foliage and good weather makes me appreciate Atlanta for the great city that it appears to be.

And as a agnostic, I thank you for the open-minded comments toward faith, something you don't hear often here ...

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