Briefly, On Hair and Spending

Because nothing has been written here in a while, I just wanted to make a quick comment.

I ran across this story about how much money the McCain/Palin campaign has been spending on clothing and hair for the Governor Palin and her family. Yes, it's ridiculous. But while I haven't seen any numbers about the issue, as a black man I can easily guess that Sen. Obama is probably spending at most fifteen bucks a haircut (minus tip, of course) every two weeks. This also includes the fact that some days his hair can look pretty rough. I cannot conceivably think of a situation in which anyone can charge a black man $300 like Sen. Edwards has done in the past. This could be another reason to vote for Obama: you know he won't be spending America's money on haircuts.

Michelle is another story, of course, but who's going to ask a black woman about the details behind her hair? That's like a trade secret or something.


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