The Vice Presidential Debate

Simulcast on Maroon Tiger Politics and fly.paper.

Maroon Tiger Editor-in-Chief Edward Mitchell and I live blogged the Vice Presidential Debate. As much as I wish more staff members were present for this event, it still went well.

[20:50] I, sitting in far off Marietta waiting for staff members to show up online
[21:01:35] Opinions Editor Emeritus Anthony Harris: Finding staff members to take part in this thing is like looking for a needle in a haystack
[21:02:14] Anthony Harris: But I'm entirely willing to do this on my own
[21:03:01] Anthony Harris: At least until Editor-in-Chief Edward Mitchell arrives just as triumphantly as the candidates
[21:03:18] *** Edward Mitchell has been invited to the group chat.
[21:04:17] Anthony Harris: From the moment Gov. Palin and Sen. Palin walked in, I think they two spent as much time together as Sens. McCain and Palin did before he chose her has his running mate
[21:04:26] *** Edward Mitchell has joined the chat.
[21:04:39] Editor in Chief Edward Mitchell: no one here yet?
[21:04:44] Anthony Harris: It's looking bleak
[21:05:34] Anthony Harris: How many people who don't live in the suburbs attend soccer games?
[21:05:51] Anthony Harris: It bothers me that Gov. Palin chose this as the prime example as the barometer of the American people
[21:06:26] Anthony Harris: Gov. Palin is handling the first question well, albeit rigidly
[21:07:01] Edward Mitchell: Count this as the first proof that Governor Palin responds to specific questions with non-specific personal stories.
[21:07:58] Edward Mitchell: "Sidelines!" Turned it against her. Score one for Biden.
[21:08:24] Edward Mitchell: She hasn't stuttered or frozen yet. McCain's people are considering breathing a sigh of relief.
[21:09:29] Anthony Harris: It's interesting how many key stock phrases Gov. Palin can spout in 90 seconds
[21:10:10] Anthony Harris: What's interesting with this American economy is that while everyone is willing to blame the lenders...
[21:10:19] Anthony Harris: People still had to borrow this money
[21:10:28] Anthony Harris: No on is willing to say we are personally at fault
[21:10:30] Anthony Harris: Nevermind
[21:10:47] Anthony Harris: Gov. Palin actually says what I was told long ago
[21:10:53] Anthony Harris: If you can't afford it, you can't buy it
[21:10:58] Edward Mitchell: Wow. Was that another personal story? Thank you, Governor Palin.
[21:11:09] Edward Mitchell: Joe Biden is gaffe-free after 11 minutes. MADNESS!
[21:11:20] Anthony Harris: Keep going with this as much as you can
[21:11:25] Anthony Harris: I'm going on my third beer
[21:12:39] Edward Mitchell: You betcha. Darn right.
[21:12:44] Anthony Harris: Sen. Biden speaks with a personal anecdote about the gas crisis, possibly to counter Gov. Palin's anecdotes
[21:12:50] Anthony Harris: It's the war of logical fallacies!
[21:14:12] Anthony Harris: One interesting thing about this debate format:
[21:14:23] Anthony Harris: The two candidates do not directly address one another
[21:14:26] Anthony Harris: That is until now
[21:14:34] Edward Mitchell: Biden's discussing distractions like the truth, facts, and details. That's not the way to win a debate.
[21:14:46] Anthony Harris: I should have figured Gov. Palin would speak directly to Sen. Biden
[21:14:50] Anthony Harris: But only for a short while
[21:15:14] Anthony Harris: Ifill is quite good as a moderator
[21:15:18] Anthony Harris: She keeps a good bead on things
[21:15:32] Anthony Harris: Checking time limits, noting when questions aren't answered
[21:15:41] Anthony Harris: I think she should be a little more probing, though
[21:16:01] Edward Mitchell: Did anyone notice that subtle dig at Ifill by Palin?
[21:16:27] Edward Mitchell: The Drudge Report and the McCain campaign have been making hay over a book the moderator is writing about Barack Obama, accusing her of bias.
[21:17:23] Anthony Harris: I keep thinking about this argument over the contortion of tax plans
[21:17:46] Anthony Harris: CNN already set all this straight
[21:18:53] Edward Mitchell: Anthony, I'm an American. Don't send me lengthy articles with facts about candidates' actual tax positions. I'd rather believe what the attack ads say. Saves time.
[21:19:05] Anthony Harris: I find it funny that she mentions her husband Todd not mentioning the government not saving everything
[21:20:19] Anthony Harris: I think the reason why Republicans are so in favor of the McCain tax cuts because everyone wants to believe they one day can make more than $250,000 a year one day
[21:20:46] Anthony Harris: People vote in favor of these tax cuts in hope of a future American Dream
[21:20:52] Edward Mitchell: OH!
[21:21:10] Edward Mitchell: Did he just say 'bridge to nowhere?' AND DID THE AUDIENCE AUDIBLY LAUGH?
[21:21:23] Anthony Harris: That is the soundbite of the evening
[21:21:37] Anthony Harris: At least in the first 20 minutes
[21:22:06] Anthony Harris: You know what bothers me: the expression "slow up"
[21:22:16] Anthony Harris: Can Sen. Biden cut that out?
[21:22:18] Edward Mitchell: Nicely done, Joe. The man is on point. This must mean a really bad gaffe is coming.
[21:23:03] Edward Mitchell: Huh, Sarah?
[21:23:13] Edward Mitchell: Is she reading notes?!
[21:23:25] Anthony Harris: She's been writing stuff over there
[21:23:30] Edward Mitchell: Sarah Palin, the potential next vice president of the United States, is reading notes.
[21:23:39] Anthony Harris: She's taking notes
[21:23:42] Anthony Harris: She's attentive
[21:23:45] Anthony Harris: Don't count her out
[21:23:50] Anthony Harris: She's not a bad debater
[21:24:00] Edward Mitchell: I'm not. I have a feeling that polls will show her as the winner.
[21:24:10] Anthony Harris: She didn't get a laugh
[21:24:32] Anthony Harris: What bothers me is what she can do for states that don't produce energy
[21:24:44] Anthony Harris: What can she do for states like Utah?
[21:24:59] Anthony Harris: Rhode Island doesn't produce oil
[21:25:13] Anthony Harris: Can she give money away to them like she did for Alaska
[21:27:31] Edward Mitchell: Brilliant moment by Biden. Agreed with her.
[21:27:52] Edward Mitchell: And then said that McCain is the out-of-touch one who needs to agree with Biden/Palin/Obama on windfall tax profits.
[21:29:48] Edward Mitchell: This is amazing. She never responds to new points that Biden makes. She redirects the conversation back to her talking points on other issues. She appears unable to respond on her feet.
[21:30:01] Anthony Harris: Hey, there's a lot of wide open space in Alaska...
[21:30:15] Anthony Harris: Why can't they just cover a lot of land with windmills and solar panels?
[21:30:20] Anthony Harris: Why always the oil?
[21:30:53] Anthony Harris: Plaster Death Valley with solar panels and we'll assuredly be energy independent
[21:31:27] Edward Mitchell: How can you stop global warming if you won't address how it's caused?
[21:31:47] Anthony Harris: With fairy dust
[21:32:03] Anthony Harris: Or you have a pastor pray it away like witchcraft
[21:32:48] Anthony Harris: That witchcraft joke
[21:33:51] Edward Mitchell: Priceless.
[21:33:59] Anthony Harris: When will someone say there's no such thing as clean coal?!
[21:34:46] Anthony Harris: I think hearing "Drill Baby Drill" was one of the most chilling moments of the RNC
[21:35:40] Anthony Harris: I don't want to hear Gov. Palin say the word "rape"
[21:35:45] Edward Mitchell: And your response to Biden's contention that the oil you want to drill for won't come her for ten years is....?
[21:36:45] Anthony Harris: Isn't a constitutional standpoint and a legal standpoint the same thing?
[21:37:02] Anthony Harris: Or are all squares rectangles but not all rectangles squares?
[21:37:14] Edward Mitchell: And we have a gaffe!
[21:37:30] Anthony Harris: He held out as long as he could
[21:38:08] Anthony Harris: I have a "very diverse family" = my daughter shouldn't have slept with that boy, damnit
[21:38:30] Edward Mitchell: Very true. The Obama campaign is cringing right now and secretly thinking "Damn it Joe, did you just accidentally imply that we support gay marriage?!"
[21:39:21] Anthony Harris: Ifill is seriously good at this
[21:39:29] Edward Mitchell: Really? Think so?
[21:39:30] Anthony Harris: I can't tell her bias at all
[21:39:37] Edward Mitchell: I'm not impressed with her questions.
[21:39:44] Anthony Harris: I have heard better
[21:39:49] Anthony Harris: But she has good control of these two
[21:39:51] Edward Mitchell: Oh Tim Russert
[21:40:30] Edward Mitchell: He would have done quite a number on these two.
[21:40:52] Anthony Harris: I like how she says winning in Iraq will strengthen us in Afghanistan
[21:40:56] Anthony Harris: She admits the other conflict
[21:41:02] Anthony Harris: It'll be interesting to hear Biden's response
[21:41:04] Anthony Harris: Aha!
[21:41:08] Anthony Harris: She didn't have a plan
[21:41:21] Anthony Harris: Palin - Check
[21:41:24] Anthony Harris: Biden - Mate
[21:41:45] Anthony Harris: It's interesting hearing clearly what Biden studied for
[21:41:56] Anthony Harris: Obama and McCain voted similarly in key issues
[21:42:02] Anthony Harris: This is clearly an appeal to moderates
[21:42:32] Anthony Harris: Hearing a Democrat say this shows that it's the more inclusive, open minded party who can accept Republican ideas
[21:42:45] Anthony Harris: A Republican would rarely admit a Democrat is right
[21:42:48] Edward Mitchell: Looks like Joe Biden finally realized that he needed to look at the camera-i.e. the audience-and not Gwen.
[21:42:49] Anthony Harris: At least that I have heard
[21:42:59] Edward Mitchell: Whoa. Was anyone else afraid she was about to freeze up right there?
[21:43:40] Anthony Harris: Palin got a laugh!
[21:43:43] Anthony Harris: Albeit smaller
[21:44:41] Edward Mitchell: Whoa. "Let me say that again."
[21:45:42] Anthony Harris: Whoa Greece!
[21:45:48] Anthony Harris: Watch out for Pakistan!
[21:46:02] Anthony Harris: Sicily better not piss anybody off!
[21:46:26] Edward Mitchell: Uhhh haven't the Pakistanis been democratically electing people friendly to the United States? Or have I just been living in some sort of alternate universe?
[21:46:44] Anthony Harris: He can't get 'em all right
[21:47:14] Anthony Harris: Biden on Pakistan: that's where Bin Laden is and we will go after him?
[21:47:18] Anthony Harris: Aren't we doing that right now?
[21:47:32] Anthony Harris: It's something I'm actually in favor or President Bush doing rightnow
[21:47:33] Edward Mitchell: Nucular. She said nucular. NOT AGAIN.
[21:49:02] Anthony Harris: The other day, The Daily Show had a guest saying the power in Iran is largely with the Ayaollah
[21:49:09] Anthony Harris: Ayatollah*
[21:49:14] Anthony Harris: Not the president
[21:49:20] Edward Mitchell: That is true.
[21:49:29] Anthony Harris: Besides, the president of Iran is on his way out soon, anyway
[21:49:45] Edward Mitchell: "Ready to back ya up there
[21:49:46] Edward Mitchell: "
[21:50:08] Anthony Harris: I'm honestly not worried about Iran because the people of Iran think their president is just as crazy as the rest of the world thinks he is
[21:51:01] Anthony Harris: Beer # 4!
[21:52:06] Anthony Harris: We "have got" to assure them
[21:52:13] Anthony Harris: We have to assure them
[21:52:26] Anthony Harris: The grammar there just bothered me
[21:53:48] Anthony Harris: It would be interesting to see what Fareed Zakaria would say about this section of the debate
[21:54:09] Anthony Harris: This intricate talk about foreign policy is a little too detailed for me
[21:54:13] Anthony Harris: Either that or I'm drunk
[21:54:41] Anthony Harris: Of course, this really shows that Sen. Biden knows what he's talking about spending years on foreign policy
[21:55:09] Anthony Harris: And that's why Gov. Palin can merely "respect his opinion" and move back to the generality of the people being "tired of the ticket"
[21:55:52] Edward Mitchell: Sarah Palin says: I <3 Israel. So, please, Jewish voters, forget all that scary church witchcraft stuff.
[21:55:53] Anthony Harris: He's using repetition like he's going for call and response
[21:56:03] Anthony Harris: It's like he was waiting for an amen
[21:56:43] Edward Mitchell: Now I can't even tell if she's saying nucular or nuclear.
[21:56:57] Anthony Harris: How can Gov. Palin be against nuclear weapons for other nations but not our own?
[21:57:01] Edward Mitchell: Back to nucular.
[21:57:09] Anthony Harris: Is America that hypocritical on this issue?
[21:58:48] Edward Mitchell: Sarah Palin says America is not air-raiding villages and killing civilians in Afghanistan.
[21:59:21] Anthony Harris: John McCain has opposed Republican bills?
[21:59:25] Anthony Harris: That's why he's a maverick
[21:59:40] Edward Mitchell: But then again, we all know the New York Times is run by liberals and therefore what they say is untrue.
[22:02:34] Anthony Harris: With the US Military as overextended as it is, is it really worth it for America to be interventionist?
[22:03:25] Edward Mitchell: How about we pull a Jed Bartlet and announce we will militarily intervene for humanitarian causes, not for issues relating to our personal aggrendizement (sp).
[22:04:28] Anthony Harris: Funny thing is, Gov. Palin is willing to gloss over the details of each bill and the explanations for rejecting bills while demanding politicians explain their reasoning for rejecting bills
[22:06:19] Edward Mitchell: This debate just got boring. It's clear by now that Biden isn't going to call Barack Obama a Muslim and Sarah Palin isn't going to start stuttering and slobbering on herself.
[22:06:21] Anthony Harris: I realize 66 minutes in, there hasn't been any astounding moments
[22:06:43] Anthony Harris: We came at the same idea at the same time
[22:06:50] Anthony Harris: Hopefully they get this too
[22:07:04] Anthony Harris: I need a "you are no Jack Kennedy" moment
[22:07:51] Edward Mitchell: Closest thing you're going to get to that was the 'bridge to nowhere' moment.
[22:08:00] Anthony Harris: The lost of President Obama is a question that is only not uncouth coming from a black woman
[22:08:57] Anthony Harris: This is the most important election since 1932?
[22:09:08] Anthony Harris: When did Geraldine Ferrarro run?
[22:09:15] Anthony Harris: Ferarro(
[22:09:23] Anthony Harris: Aw crap, I don't know how to spell it
[22:09:36] Anthony Harris: Ferraro
[22:09:39] Edward Mitchell: Uhh, John Kennedy, who helped avert the Cuban Missile Crisis, and Richard Nixon, who destroyed a generation's faith in government, would disagree
[22:09:49] Anthony Harris: I'll clearly fix this when I'm editing this before posting
[22:10:50] Anthony Harris: "Go to Home Depot with me where I spend a lot of time"?
[22:11:00] Anthony Harris: Joe Biden: builder of sheds
[22:11:14] Anthony Harris: Owner of a mean riding mower
[22:11:27] Anthony Harris: Knows his wood paneling
[22:12:02] Anthony Harris: Was Gov. Palin just brusque with Sen. Biden's late wife?
[22:12:11] Anthony Harris: Am I more offended at that because I'm possibly drunk?
[22:12:28] Anthony Harris: Or was that offensive overall?
[22:12:31] Edward Mitchell: His new wife is a teacher. And uh, is she honestly dismissing any mention of George Bush as the past? I thought he was still in office....
[22:12:47] Anthony Harris: Oh, thanks for elucidating my ignorance
[22:13:02] Anthony Harris: Because that "her reward is in heaven" thing really got to me
[22:13:57] Edward Mitchell: Oh yeah that would have been fatal
[22:14:05] Edward Mitchell: Uh, to the campaign, I mean
[22:14:21] Anthony Harris: I like that she had to answer what a VP does in this question
[22:14:40] Anthony Harris: When your ignorance is in question, it's best to lay that down when the time comes
[22:15:48] Anthony Harris: Joe Biden: Vice President in the post-Cheney age
[22:16:29] Anthony Harris: It's almost scary that another guy will be in the room, looking over the president's shoulder, watching every major decision
[22:16:47] Anthony Harris: And Palin will be the leader of two branches of government
[22:17:01] Anthony Harris: Not only has Cheney destroyed the vice presidency of the present
[22:17:05] Anthony Harris: But also of the future
[22:17:34] Edward Mitchell: You say Dick Cheney and all I think is quail-hunting.
[22:17:50] Anthony Harris: That's just what he wants you to think
[22:18:06] Anthony Harris: Laughable anecdote
[22:18:17] Anthony Harris: Not shadow emperor of the nation
[22:18:36] Anthony Harris: Beer#5!
[22:19:00] Anthony Harris: Every time she brings up her kid in Iraq, I say folks should bring up her pregnant daughter
[22:19:07] Edward Mitchell: "Hmm, my approval ratings are in the dump. People are onto my evil plan to destroy the Jedi and take over the universe. I know what I'll do! Shoot an old guy in the face."
[22:19:12] Anthony Harris: You don't get to pick the kid that helps you politically
[22:20:26] Anthony Harris: Oh!
[22:20:32] Anthony Harris: He played the widow angle!
[22:21:10] Anthony Harris: He plays the emotional angle!
[22:21:13] Anthony Harris: Wow
[22:21:16] Anthony Harris: That's a moment
[22:21:26] Edward Mitchell: JOE BIDEN JUST WON THE DEBATE
[22:21:36] Anthony Harris: I don't say this often
[22:21:39] Anthony Harris: Or at all really
[22:21:39] Edward Mitchell: And she just made a mistake by going back to politics.
[22:21:40] Anthony Harris: But
[22:21:42] Anthony Harris: lmao
[22:22:24] Anthony Harris: Lieberman: the Republican in Democrat's clothing
[22:22:25] Edward Mitchell: did it look like hw
[22:22:36] Edward Mitchell: *Did it appear as though Biden choked up there?
[22:22:44] Edward Mitchell: When he mentioned having a child that may not make it?
[22:22:49] Edward Mitchell: That clip will likely get replayed.
[22:22:52] Anthony Harris: It totally did
[22:22:56] Anthony Harris: I love that moment
[22:23:23] Anthony Harris: This is a great moment here
[22:23:37] Anthony Harris: Yeah, I know he voted for President Bush's initiatives 90% of the time
[22:23:45] Anthony Harris: But what specifically did he not help me with?
[22:23:56] Anthony Harris: Biden was saving this moment
[22:24:54] Anthony Harris: Five years isn't long?
[22:25:25] Anthony Harris: It took him five years on the Senate to learn not to approve inflammatory judges?
[22:25:39] Edward Mitchell: The debate is effectively over. Call it a draw. Sarah Palin succeeded by not falling apart. Biden was Biden-solid.
[22:25:45] Anthony Harris: The vice presidency is a four year job with an option for another four
[22:25:59] Anthony Harris: There isn't time for a five year learning curve
[22:26:28] Anthony Harris: How on earth did Sarah Palin get out of specificity for the majority of this debate?
[22:27:02] Anthony Harris: Knowing John McCain, he might actually be here
[22:28:10] Anthony Harris: She said "diverse family" again
[22:28:22] Anthony Harris: So your husband is half Inuit
[22:28:25] Anthony Harris: I got it
[22:30:02] Anthony Harris: How can Palin talk about the lack of the filter on the mainstream media when I'm watching this on CNN with a graph taking up a fourth of my TV?
[22:30:29] Edward Mitchell: Excellent point!
[22:30:37] Anthony Harris: What is Palin talking about?
[22:30:45] Anthony Harris: Is slavery coming back and I didn't get the memo?
[22:30:57] Anthony Harris: Is Bush repealing the 14th Amendment?
[22:31:00] Anthony Harris: I wouldn't put it past him
[22:31:50] Edward Mitchell: Oh even he's not THAT crazy.
[22:32:24] Anthony Harris: Biden: Folksy
[22:32:59] Anthony Harris: He goes to Home Depot, his mom and dad gave him advice, he knows you talk about stuff at the kitchen table, he takes the train
[22:33:33] Edward Mitchell: Underwhelming, but good debate.
[22:33:54] Anthony Harris: I still want my "you're no Jack Kennedy" moment
[22:34:09] Anthony Harris: Alrigiht, summation
[22:34:29] Edward Mitchell: Summation: Palin did what she needed to do. So did Biden.
[22:34:56] Anthony Harris: Gov. Palin stood her ground, proving she was eloquent and mostly not didn't ramble.
[22:35:22] Anthony Harris: Yet she didn't show herself to be knowledgeable on most issues of the day.
[22:35:28] Anthony Harris: Sen. Biden did.
[22:35:48] Anthony Harris: He managed to related to the American people in his auspice of being folksy
[22:36:00] Anthony Harris: But it's still indeterminate if he is actually folksy
[22:36:30] Edward Mitchell: He's not.
[22:36:35] Anthony Harris: Were his responses about visits to Home Depot and remembering the hard times in his family scripted?
[22:36:39] Edward Mitchell: But he came off that way, so all good for Obama's people.
[22:36:40] Anthony Harris: But well acted?
[22:36:46] Edward Mitchell: And yes, probably.
[22:37:13] Anthony Harris: Gov. Palin showed she can contort anything to a script
[22:37:20] Anthony Harris: She was cool headed and stayed on message
[22:37:49] Anthony Harris: In actuality, these attributes prove she'd be an excellent Vice President for the 21st Century
[22:38:14] Anthony Harris: Or really, her senior staffers would be an excellent Vice President for the 21st Century
[22:38:38] Edward Mitchell: Underwhelming debate!
[22:38:55] Anthony Harris: After I gave golden material, you give one sentence?
[22:39:08] Anthony Harris: Seriously EiC: blog for real here
[22:39:26] Edward Mitchell: I'm underwhelmed!
[22:40:13] Edward Mitchell: And that was not "golden" material
[22:40:22] Edward Mitchell: Those beers are getting to you.
[22:40:29] Edward Mitchell: Let's blog the pundits!
[22:40:34] Edward Mitchell: What channel are you watching?
[22:41:14] Anthony Harris: I switched to C-SPAN
[22:41:32] Anthony Harris: Well that and I just went to relieve myself
[22:41:43] Anthony Harris: You can't just keep drinking without breaking the seal
[22:42:19] Edward Mitchell: That is information that the bloggers and humanity at large did not need.
[22:42:39] Anthony Harris: I can edit this out
[22:42:46] Anthony Harris: Or not for humor's sake
[22:43:04] Anthony Harris: I'll try FOX News tonight
[22:43:14] Anthony Harris: Maybe I won't be so pissed off watching it if I'm drunk
[22:43:43] Anthony Harris: Fortunately, I haven't been making copious grammatical errors this evening because of it
[22:44:06] Edward Mitchell: Actually, I don't think I can handle the pundits tonight.
[22:44:23] Anthony Harris: Good enough
[22:44:30] Anthony Harris: I never watch the pundits afterwards
[22:44:33] Edward Mitchell: David Gergen is the only one worth listening to and he says everything he needs to say in the first few minutes.
[22:44:34] Edward Mitchell: OH
[22:44:38] Anthony Harris: I just read the articles the next day
[22:44:49] Edward Mitchell: CNN Insta-Debate poll coming in a few minutes.
[22:44:52] Anthony Harris: I don't care that much for punditry like I used to
[22:45:20] Edward Mitchell: CNN's focus group is about to sound off
[22:45:32] Edward Mitchell: Biden wins
[22:45:35] Anthony Harris: Funnily enough, the pollster on FOX is the guy I saw on C-SPAN a few weeks ago
[22:45:38] Edward Mitchell: According to the group
[22:45:43] Anthony Harris: He's actually pretty good
[22:46:12] Anthony Harris: I know he's a Republican pollster, but he's really good at what he does
[22:46:24] Anthony Harris: I still think this group is skewed, though
[22:46:35] Edward Mitchell: Frank Luntz?
[22:46:38] Edward Mitchell: Is that the pollster?
[22:46:46] Anthony Harris: Yeah
[22:46:59] Edward Mitchell: Yeah, he seems good
[22:47:21] Edward Mitchell: What does his focus group on Fox say?
[22:47:42] Anthony Harris: This debate will be influential in changing minds
[22:47:43] Edward Mitchell: People who are still undecided should be banned from voting.
[22:47:50] Edward Mitchell: Bunch of ignorant Hamlets they are.
[22:47:57] Anthony Harris: Gov. Palin appeals to the people on a basic level
[22:48:05] Anthony Harris: Etc. Etc. Etc.
[22:48:26] Anthony Harris: [to be said like Yul Brynner in The King and I]
[22:49:06] Edward Mitchell: Ha
[22:49:10] Edward Mitchell: Which I haven't seen
[22:49:16] Anthony Harris: CNN's group seems skewed as well
[22:49:28] Anthony Harris: You've never seen The King and I?
[22:49:37] Edward Mitchell: Nope
[22:49:41] Anthony Harris: One of the few musicals a straight man should actually see?
[22:49:43] Edward Mitchell: Or maybe when I was a kid
[22:50:02] Edward Mitchell: I did, however, see the Jodie Foster/Chow Yun Fat remake Anna and the King
[22:50:05] Edward Mitchell: THAT was epic
[22:50:11] Anthony Harris: It was
[22:50:18] Anthony Harris: But you need to see The King and I
[22:50:20] Anthony Harris: Totally different
[22:50:26] Anthony Harris: Still really god
[22:50:28] Anthony Harris: good*
[22:51:49] Anthony Harris: I'm about to post this in a minute
[22:51:54] Anthony Harris: Anything else you want to say?
[22:52:03] Edward Mitchell: UNDERWHELMED.


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