The Line-Up for 10-1-2010

Once again, it's time for the KRTU pledge drive, so I'm making the call to head to the site and donate to become a member of the station to keep great music like this on the air.

Marco Benevento - You Know I'm No Good
I figure it's good to start off with some great energy and this song certainly has some great energy.
Jason Lindner - Seven Ways
When I was putting together this week's show, I had a good idea for what the set at the end would be but not necessarily the rest of the show. This Lindner track sort of found its way in here. I'm not mad at it.
Aaron Parks - Peaceful Warrior
I'm terrible at fulfilling requests. I'm seriously bad at it, but from time to time, I'll follow through... a week or two later.
Jason Moran - Crepuscule With Nellie
When it was announced that Jason Moran won a MacArthur grant this week, I knew I had to mention it. Suddenly, an idea crept into my head about how to put together a set of interconnected music, woven together by band members.
ERIMAJ - End of the Rainbow
Jason Moran is the keyboardist for Jamire Williams' group. I knew the moment this EP dropped that I had to have it. Once I heard it, I knew I'd play it on The Line-Up.
Matt Stevens - After All
Stevens also plays in Williams' group, and both Jamire and Matt play in Christian Scott's group. He also has a pretty awesome EP that you may want to hear.
Christian Scott - The Eraser
Finally, I close with this track since it 1) fits with the next hour of programming, 2) it fits with everything in the set before it, and 3) I like the song.

Note - The young lady whose show follows mine went live this evening and is still getting acclimated to the process. Things may have gotten a little screwy at the top of the hour. I'm sorry about that. If it's not known to you by now, most of the time, I prerecord this show. Most of the time this works out, but there were a few hiccups tonight. Trust me, if you were annoyed, know that I was pulling out my hair and calling folks on the phone. And I hate the phone.

Once again, I ask that you head over to and pledge your support to the station that allows me to be silly on the air and play stuff you don't likely hear anywhere else.


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