The Line-Up for 10-15-2010

I wasn't quite sure what kind of show I'd end up doing this week. I had a few songs scrawled on a Post-It like I often do to prepare each show, but I still didn't have a big idea for the week. All I knew was that I wanted to do something different. Well, I combed through some new stuff I got, thought about different sounds that are pleasing but challenging, and went a little off the beaten path through computer here to put together a pretty great show. Seriously, I was surprised about how good this show is. Hopefully I'm not alone in this sentiment but I'm rather excited about this playlist.

Meshell Ndegeocello & Cassandra Wilson - The Chosen
This one came up through a certain degree of combing through the computer. I had to come up with something completely different from what I usually play and after giving a quick glance at Rob Fields' Bold as Love black rock site, it finally hit me to see if we had any Ndegeocello. Combining her exquisite musicianship with Cassandra Wilson's velvety voice is the perfect choice for tonight.
Bonobo - Black Sands
Some time ago, I noted how odd it was for me to be playing Bonobo on The Line-Up, but if certain tracks were chosen well, it would work in the context of the show. The last time I played Simon Greene, I spent a lot of energy explaining why I was playing him. This time, I just felt more comfortable letting the song and its proper placement in the playlist speak for itself.
Matt Stevens - After All
I know I played this track pretty recently, but the combo of Stevens, Milton Fletcher on organ, and Jamire Williams on drums is so perfect, it requires constant revisiting. It makes me seriously look forward to when Stevens and Williams aren't cutting EPs and cutting legit, full length albums. Either way, these three are killing this song.
Fela Kuti - No Agreement
If anything acted as a game changer for tonight, it's this. I honestly don't know much of anything about Fela Kuti other than the fact that he was a great musician and the show about him on Broadway (produced by ?uestlove) is awesome. I should learn more, starting tonight.
Darcy James Argue's Secret Society - Redeye
Reasons why this song is here: 1) It's awesome, duh. 2)It's come up once or twice while riding on the bus so it naturally found its way into this week's Line-Up. 3) The group performed another awesome version of it last month at Iridium. For all of these reasons did I decide to end this week's Line-Up with some awesomely epic, trippy soloing by Sebastien Noelle and the rest of the Secret Society.


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