The Line-Up for 12-29-2010

I'm feeling pretty good about this week's Line-Up. I think it's well put together. I think it has the right touches of the right moods. I think it has a good energy to it. I'm actually live in the studio for stuff but the song order and arrangement was done in advanced and blends together fairly well. It covers a broad spectrum of periods but meshes. It has a full body and a nice aroma with a hint of hickory and elderberries. Etc, etc.

Ray Vega & Thomas Marriott - Big Brother
I was sort of expecting this to be a cover of Stevie Wonder's song, a la what Vijay Iyer is doing lately, but it's its own creature, and a fine one at that. Good computer selection to top things off.
Chick Corea - The Great Pumpkin Waltz
I'm not really a Halloween person. I wasn't raised up with it and even though I try to take parts in some of the holiday now that I'm older, I'm just not huge about it. Still, I'm a sucker for Vince Guaraldi compositions and I'm a sucker for Chick Corea's cover of this song.
Vijay Iyer - One for Blount
We've been slacking at Nextbop Tuesday was Vijay Iyer's birthday and we didn't make a post. Playing a track off of Iyer's Solo album was the least I could do to belatedly acknowledge the joyful day.
Weather Report - 125th Street Congress
I've been thinking about Weather Report for weeks. Seriously, weeks. I don't have much of their stuff, but I need it. Besides, jazz fusion seems appropriate around Halloween time, right?
Sarah Wilson - Underneath the Soul
This was a pretty cool computer selection.
Nujabes - Peaceland
I've played this song a few times, but normally at the end of the show. This time, I figured I'd put it in the middle of the show it can be acknowledge in its entirety. It's a great jam.
The Bad Plus - Velouria
The Bad Plus playing The Pixies. Seems to fit, don't you think?
Ben Allison - Third Rail
I like Ben Allison. He brings fire and it's like I don't acknowledge the smoke enough.
Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey - Muskogee Smalls
This selection is here specifically because of a discussion I was having with Kory, the station's music director, and JD, the station's operations manager, about ridiculous group names. Kory made a thread from Skerik's Syncopated Taint Septet (which I probably wouldn't feel comfortable saying on the air) to JFJO. I don't quite remember how he made the connections. It was like watching this weird one-player game of punk-jazz six degrees of separation. Anyway, I switched up how I put the show together and here this song stands to close us out.


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