The Line-Up for 11-12-2010

You know, I'm still sort of tired from last weekend? I'm looking forward to spending this weekend bundled up in my room where it may or may not rain and the weather may or may not be brisk but still significantly warmer than everyone else's mid-November (hey, it's still South Texas). This show should be a good precursor of all that.

Nadav Snir-Zelniker - Pizmon Layakinton (Song for the Hyacinth)
The computer picked this one, but it only took me two tries to pronounce this name in a manageable way. I hope I said it right. At least the song is good.
Cassandra Wilson - Beneath a Silver Moon
People are really liking Cassandra Wilson's new album. I of course read Nate Chinen's review of it. Then I later saw Paste had a review as well. That ultimately meant I had to give it some attention, post haste.
Tarbaby - Jena 6
This album arrived at the station last week and the music director, Kory, and I had a long discussion on how to talk about and play this group on the air. I still don't know if I handled it well, but I figure we can just ignore my jibber jabber and focus on this group's music.
Portico - Paper Scissors Stone
I like this group a lot, but it's hard to meld them together with other songs in a set because each of their tracks are steadily constructed. They're woven very intricately and laboriously. I guess that's why I like them. It's also why I work so hard to find a good place to put them in the show. It's a good, worthy challenge.
Terence Blanchard - Flow, Part III
I placed this song here to fill space but it actually fits very well next to Avishai Cohen (trumpeter) which the computer picked.
Avishai Cohen (Trumpeter) - One Man's Idea
Like I said, the computer picked it. It works.
Sugarman Three & Bernard Purdie - Modern Jive
I think a lot about what kind of soul jazz song to put in the show each week. Soul jazz is one subgenre I try to learn little by little through these shows. Hopefully, you're learning along with me.
Nels Cline - Dirty Baby Part IV (Shut This Gate)
I'm enjoying Nels Cline's latest album a whole lot more than I thought I would be. Initiate was a bit rough to get through, but Dirty Baby, while still out there, is a much easier listen. It's also a bit more radio friendly (song title's notwithstanding), so I hope to play more of it down the line on the show.
Pat Metheny - Day Trip
I felt it was appropriate to put Pat Metheny next to Nels Cline.
Stefon Harris & Blackout - Tanktified
The computer picked this but I'm quite glad I've coming back to Harris. I haven't listened to anything from Urbanus in a while. It's nice to revisit it.


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