The Line-Up for 11-19-2010

It was very difficult for me to set my mind to putting together an hour of music that didn't include Kanye West. I've been listening to My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy since it leaked. Still, jazz music is good, too. Here's some...

The Bad Plus - The Radio Tower Has A Beating Heart
I've only had one track from this album since it released so I've been sort of in withdrawal from new Bad Plus for a bit. This track should stop me from getting the shakes.
Brad Mehldau - She's Leaving Home
I decided that since Apple chose to make a big deal out of putting The Beatles on iTunes, I'd make an unnecessarily big deal about joking about The Beatles on iTunes. Neither my joke or Apple's announcement probably solicited much response but just like The Beatles, at least the music is good. Oh, also Josh Jackson took my suggestion that this is among the 50 best Beatles covers of all time.
Ben Allison - Across the Universe
I just wanted to finish out this set of Beatles songs. I never knew Ben Allison covered "Across the Universe."
Cassandra Wilson - Blackbird
This song was the catalyst to this set. Silver Pony is a very good album and I really liked how Wilson and the band handled this song.
Negroni's Trio - Golden Man
Computer selection but great start for a high energy set.
Nicholas Payton - Cannabis Leaf Rag
This song is here for a number of reasons. I was trolling through the computer to find a song that fit well. A song named "Cannabis Leaf Rag" really catches the eye. I don't know enough about Nicholas Payton. This is a really interesting turn on this song. Pick a reason.
Azar Lawrence - Journey's End
The computer picked to plan an Azar Lawrence song but it didn't fit with the show so I switched it out with another song from him.
Gil Scott-Heron - A Sign of the Ages
You don't really believe I could listen to nothing but Kanye West for two days straight and not allude to him somehow. MBDTF closes on a Scott-Heron track so I figured I'd toss one in for the soul song of the show.
Robert Glasper - Downtime
This week just called for some Glasper. What can I say?
Avishai Cohen (Bassist) - Come Together
I loved this cover the first time I heard it. Plus, it goes with the fade down of energy of the evening. Did you like how I started out all high energy and then wound it down? Eh, I got skills.


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