The Line-Up for 11-26-2010

This is a sign of my dedication. I still came up to this station on the day after Thanksgiving to put this show together. Needless to say, I'm not feeling like doing a lot of banter. Hopefully, the music makes up for my aversion from my normal loquacious nature.

Jaspects - Chitlins & Chalupas
This seems like the perfect song to top off the post-Thanksgiving Line-Up, broadcast from San Antonio, Texas, doesn't it?
Clayton Brothers - Street Dance
This is here because along with jazz elders Jeff and John Clayton leading the band on saxophone and bass respectively, Nextbop's own Gerald Clayton, John's son, backs up on piano.
Kneebody - Wide Eyed
I love Kneebody. I still don't know why I haven't gotten any of their albums yet.
Garage A Trois - Outre Mer
I didn't even know there was any Garage A Trois in the KRTU library until today. Expect to hear more of this.
Tarbaby - Unity
It still feels weird saying this band's name on the air... or in general.
Christian McBride & Inside Straight - Stick & Move
I probably needed to let this song out for some air.
Medeski, Martin & Wood - Buster Rides Again
I needed something to play for my soul song of the show and I was surprised to see MMW classified as soul. So surprised, I made it the track for the week.
DJ Spinna - Lansanna's Priestess
When putting the show together this week, I had my eye on another song that I played earlier and accidentally clicked this one. I liked what I heard, though, and found it a proper spot for the show.
E.S.T. - Letter From The Leviathan
I probably should let this song out for air, too. Also, this band needs to be heard as much as possible so they could be seen as the legends who should be recognized before Svensson left us far too soon.


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