The Line-Up for 6-24-2011

So what if you can't be in New York City or Montreal for the really great jazz festivals going on this weekend. I'll bring the festival to you.

Ben Williams - Moontrane
Just another friendly reminder that State of Art is still up for streaming over at Nextbop until its release date this coming Tuesday.
Gerald Clayton - If I Were A Bell
This man is everywhere lately, isn't he? First, He hit up Atlanta and now he's playing Undead? Insane.
Dave King Trucking Company - Payphones
I had seen that Dave King's new band was playing the Undead Jazz Festival but the moment I got to the station today, my music director was sure to put this album, Good Old Light, in front of me to make sure I could put it in front of you.
Tarbaby - Jena 6
Hank Shteamer wrote quite glowingly about Tarbaby's appearance at the Undead Jazz Fest, which made me think maybe I, too, should give The End of Fear another listen. Maybe we all should.
Ari Hoenig - Anthropology
I needed a decent come down from some eclectic selections while still fitting the theme of the set and the show. After poking, prodding, and cross referencing the KRTU library with the Undead schedule, this tune came up.
Darcy James Argue's Secret Society - Flux in a Box
Whenever DJA posts a new Gig Postmortem, it's a time for celebration.
Brad Mehldau - Exit Music (For a Film)
I knew I wanted to play this track, odd editing of Live in Marciac's tracks and Mehldau's fluid playing be damned.
Kurt Rosenwinkel - Blue Line
I wanted to close with something really cool. Rosenwinkel fits the bill.

Mic Breaks
TOKiMONSTA - Questing
TOKiMONSTA - Bright Shadows
St. Germain - What You Think About...
Morcheeba - Post Houmous


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