The Line-Up for 6-3-2011

It's times like these when I'm playing music new and old that many folks probably haven't heard before or probably not for a while that I feel like I'm a good DJ. This is a good DJ show.

Grand Pianoramax - Infidel
Shout out to Leo Tardin who is celebrating his birthday today. Or is that last week? Man, Facebook is confusing.
JD Allen Trio - Mr. Steepy
This is a new one and deserves play.
Ben Williams - Moontrane
Williams' debut album is pretty nice. I'm looking forward to playing more of it soon.
Stefon Harris, David Sanchez, & Christan Scott - Ñengueleru
We've been waiting for this album and we've finally gotten our hands on a (scratched, unfortunately) copy. Still, due to some weird happenstance with the record label and things of that ilk, I'm just playing the free track that's already available. You may have heard about it.
Rachelle Ferrell - Why You Wanna Mess It All Up?
For me to have had a show this long and to have not played Rachelle Ferrell is an egregious error that I'm currently rectifying. Also, I'm trying to prove to Seb that vocals are instruments, too. I went to the far end of proving that, though, with this track.
D'Angelo - Spanish Joint
On my way to the station, this came on the iPod and I figured it would fit in the show. How good is Voodoo, huh? The album is eleven years old and I still can't take it out of rotation. I mean, come on. ?uestlove and James Poyser in the heavy Soulquarian sessions and Roy Hargrove, too? Like I said, it's a perfect fit.
Booker T. Jones - Harlem House
I just had to play Booker T. Jones another week. Come to think of it, I just played two tracks produced by ?uestlove in one night. Were this not the start of another set, they'd be a ?uestlove set of their own.
Menahan Street Band - The Crossing
A few months ago, Daptone released two Menahan Street Band tracks to play throughout spring and summer. I've played one, already. This is the other. That should hopefully tie us all over until they drop their next album.
Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson - Home is Where the Hatred Is
It's a rule of mine that I don't mourn artists I don't feel I know well enough. The passing of Gil Scott-Heron last week, while important enough to me, still left me hollow because I felt I didn't know enough of his work, really. Then on Tuesday, Gilles Peterson dedicated the majority of his BBC1 show to Scott-Heron and I felt I could do something.
Miguel Atwood-Fergusson - Hoc 'N Pucky
This track popped up on my iPod maybe three times in the last week. That's enough for me to say maybe it should get some play on the show.

Mic Breaks
Washed Out - It's Kate's Birthday
Flying Lotus - Shifty
MF DOOM - High John
J Dilla - History (Mos Instrumental)


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