The Line-Up for 10-14-2011

Another week, another Line-Up. This week there may not be a whole lot of very new music since I'm still coming off of the pledge drive but since I'm back at the station, I'll soon be consuming new music once more. It's weird not taking in a bunch of new stuff for a two week stretch. I may be a bit spoiled. In the meantime, this show is still a good 'un.

Patrick Cornelius - Shiver Song
I've got a few default responses to song selections: commute and computer. This is a commute selection.
RjD2 - Ghostwriter
Wallace Roney - Quadrant
This is a computer selection.
Peter Erskine, Nguyên Lê, and Michel Benita - ZigZag
This also is a computer selection.
Radiohead - Kid A
Le Boeuf Brothers - Fire Dancing Dreams
I said it earlier and I'll say it again-- In Praise of Shadows is a pretty cool album. This track caps off the album and it does so quite strongly.
Marco Benevento - Fearless
I'm glad there's a studio version of this song. The live version I had of this before is pretty moving.
The Stuyvesants - Panty Dropper
Adam Cruz - Outer Reaches
I wanted to play a longer Adam Cruz track but I've played it before on the show and I've yet to play other selections from Milestones on The Line-Up. This is one of those albums that's not getting a lot of buzz but is still worthy of your attention. Maybe this is how buzz happens, huh? Besides, I'm a sucker for pretty much anything from the Sunnyside label.
Austin Peralta - Capricornus
I had some time to fill (by the time the show was put together, I was around 7:30 under, holy crap!) and felt this would be the perfect addition this this week's show.
BadBadNotGood - Salmonella
Flying Lotus - Breathe . Something/Stellar STar
Ximo Tebar - Martino
The computer picked this one, too. I'm not saying the computer can't pick great tracks, because it definitely does. It's like the most awesome autopilot ever, but I really want to pick everything next week. It's time to regain some footing.


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