The Line-Up for 10-21-2011

This week's Line-Up is filled with energy, even if half the songs aren't necessarily filled with a lot of instruments. These were some of the most interesting new tracks that I've heard this week... and one the computer picked.

Tigran Hamasyan - What the Waves Brought
I knew I would be playing the Brad Mehldau & Kevin Hays and Chick Corea & Stefano Bollani tracks this week so I figured some more solo piano would compliment things. Also, it came up in my commute.
Múm - Awake on a Train
Brad Mehldau & Kevin Hays - Generatrix
Modern Music is a good album. It straddles the ground between a classical concert and a jazz performance so it may not really be for everyone. Still, some of the choicer tracks are definitely great picks for the radio. This is  one of those choicer tracks. I'm looking forward to playing others.
Chick Corea & Stefano Bollani - Jitterbug Waltz
This may possibly be the best version of "Jitterbug Waltz" that I have ever heard. It's playful, exploratory, and yet respectful. It's astounding.
Aphex Twin - Avril 11th
David Weiss & Point of Departure - I Have a Dream
I knew I wanted to play this on The Line-Up ever since last Sunday when the Martin Luther King, Jr. memorial in DC was commemorated. It's the least I could do. Also, this group is explosive, aren't they?
Sound Directions - Fourty Days
The computer actually picked this one and I kept it because I hadn't played it in a while. Also, I felt it could fit well in the landscape of the show.
Nujabes - Tsurugi No Mai
Hiromi's Sonicbloom - Time Difference
The computer picked a Hiromi track. I figured I'd keep her in for the hour but I went through many different Hiromi songs in the library before I finally decided to stick with this one.
Thundercat - Boat Cruise
As usual, I can't go too long without playing some Thundercat. Fortunately, I can use his birthday as an excuse to play him this time instead of "I just felt like it" or "came up in my commute" like I usually do.
The Remix Project - Electric Relaxation
Fred Ho and the Green Monster Big Band - The Johnny Quest Theme
This track was the biggest surprise of my week. I mean... who does this song? It's inspired and everything about this track reflects it. It's a great closer of the show.


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