The Line-Up and Evolve for 29 & 30 April 2022

The Line-Up for 29 April 2022

Miles Okazaki, "In Some Far Off Place" off Thisness

Brave New World Trio: David Murray / Brad Jones / Hamid Drake, the title track to Seriana Promethea

Bonobo, "Cirrus" off The North Borders

Chase Elodia, "Everywhere" off Portrait Imperfect

Kind Folk (John Raymond / Alex LoRe / Noam Wiesenberg / Colin Stranahan), "Between the Bars" off Head Towards the Center

Quentin Angus, "Enigma" off The State of Things

Karriem Riggins, "Summer Maddness S.A." off Alone Together

Quinn Sternberg, "June" off Cicada Songs

Melissa Aldana, the title track to 12 Stars

Goldings/Bernstein/Stewart, "Let's Get Lots" off Perpetual Pendulum

Sued / Nandayapa / Bergmann / Saunders, "The Lower Field" off While It Lasts

Ufsp, "5th"

Miles Okazaki, "In Some Far Off Place" off Thisness

Evolve for 30 April 2022

3 o'clock hour

James Singleton, the title track to Malabar

Teebs, "Yellow More New" off Collections 01

Way North, the title track to New Dreams, Old Stories

Lynne Arriale Trio, "March On" off The Lights Are Always On

Ricky Ford, "Paris Fringe" off …Paul's Scene

Ufsp, "Blue Dream"

Quinn Sternberg, "Insomnia" off Cicada Songs

Chase Elodia, "Four Wide" off Portrait Imperfect

Teebs, "Your Favorite Weekday" off Collections 01

Julieta Eugenio, "Tres" off Jump

Adam Larson Trio, "Twirl" off With Love, From Chicago 

Alvin Queen Trio, "Goodbye JD" off Night Train to Copenhagen

Butcher Brown, "Cali Riding" off a-sides

Aaron Parks / Matt Brewer / Eric Harland, "Aspiring to Normalcy" off Volume One

4 o'clock hour

Miles Okazaki, "In Some Far Off Place" off Thisness

Toro y Moi, "Lissoms" off Causers of This

Sued / Nandayapa / Bergmann / Saunders, "Julius" off While It Lasts

Brave New World Trio: David Murray / Brad Jones / Hamid Drake, "Am Gone Get Some" off Seriana Promethea

Rel, "On My Way" off Out Of View

Mostly Other People Do The Killing, "Centralia" off Disasters, Vol. 1

Fujiyama/Haynes/Mori, "Leggiero" off Quiet Passion

Goldings/Bernstein/Stewart, "Lurkers" off Perpetual Pendulum

DJ Harrison, "Giza" off Stashboxxx

Calvin Johnson, "Treme" off Notes of a Native Son

Chris Greene Quartet, "Samba Fu Maga" off PlaySPACE 2: Play Harder

Mndsgn, "Convert" off Yawn Zen

Brandon Seabrook / Gerald Cleaver / Cooper-Moore, the title track to In The Swarm


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