The Line-Up and Evolve for 13 & 14 October 2023

The Line-Up for 13 October 2023

Chris Botti, "Blue In Green" off Vol. 1

Freddie Joachim, "Morena" off Overture

Joshua Redman, "Baltimore" off Where Are We

Jocelyn Gould, "Trail Blazer" off Sonic Bouquet

Matthew Halsall, "Mountains, Trees and Seas" off An Ever Changing View

Flying Lotus, "Tiny Tortures" off Until the Quiet Comes

Emmet Cohen, "Just The Way You Are" off Master Legacy Series Vol. 5: Houston Person

The Angelica Sanchez Nonet, "Astral Light of Alarid" off Nighttime Creatures

Teebs, "_for phil"

Yussef Dayes, "Rust" feat. Tom Misch off Black Classical Music

Kiefer, "Dreamer" off It's OK, B U

Flying Lotus, "meadow man2" off ideas+drafts+loops

Billy Mohler, the title track to Ultraviolet

Evolve for 14 October 2023

3 o'clock hour

Yussef Dayes, "Tioga Pass" feat. Rocco Palladino off Black Classical Music

Flying Lotus, "Golden Diva" off Los Angeles

Joshua Redman, "Where Are You?" feat. Gabrielle Cavassa off Where Are We

The Angelica Sanchez Nonet, "Lady of the Lavender Mist" off Nighttime Creatures

Mndsgn, "Sheets" off Yawn Zen

Chris Botti, "Old Folks" off Vol. 1

Aaron Diehl & The Knights, "Taurus" off Zodiac Suite

Jocelyn Gould, "The Kicker" off Sonic Bouquet

Baths, "Maximalist" off Obsidian

Matthew Halsall, the title track to An Ever Changing View

Nujabes, "Aruarian Dance" off Samurai Champloo Soundtrack

Darcy James Argue's Secret Society, "Ferromagnetic" off Dynamic Maximum Tension

4 o'clock hour

Miguel Zenon & Dan Tepfer, the title track to Internal Melodies

Flying Lotus, "Zodiac Shit" off Cosmogramma

Alex Coke & Carl Michel Sextet, "Presence" off Emergence

Maria Elena Silva, "Ruido Blanco" off Dulce

Makaya (McCraven), "Diversions" off Living Beats EP

Steve Lehman & Orchestre National de Jazz, "Speed-Freeze (Part 2)" off Ex Machina

Kiefer, "August Again" off It's OK, B U

Rel, "On My Way" off Out of View

Daniel Villarreal w/ Jeff Parker & Anna Butterss, "Republic" off Lados B

Psychic Temple feat. Lisa Bella Donna, "Approaching Sunset" off A Universe Regards Itself

Gold Panda, "My Father in Hong Kong 1959" off Half of Where You Live

Dave Easley, "Fleurette Africaine" off Ballads


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