The Line-Up and Evolve for 20 & 21 October 2023

The Line-Up for 20 October 2023

Yussef Dayes, "The Light" feat. Bahia Dayes off Black Classical Music

Teebs, "Yellow More New" off Collections 01

Trio Grande (Will Vinson/Gilad Hekselman/Nate Wood), "Ministry of Love" off Urban Myth

Steve Lehman & Orchestre National de Jazz, "Los Angeles Imaginary" off Ex Machina

Kiefer, "Head Trip" feat. Luke Titus off It's OK, B U

DJ Harrison, "She Think She Qtron" off Stashboxxx

Dave Easley, "Stardust" off Ballads

Daniel Villarreal w/ Jeff Parker & Anna Butterss, "Republic" off Lados B

Resavoir, "Sunset" off Resavoir (II)

Bex Burch, "Follow me, I make you happy" off There is only love and fear

Ufsp, "Cubed Cheese"

Billy Mohler, "The Wait" off Ultraviolet

Johnathan Blake, "Groundhog Day" off Passage

Maria Elena Silva, "Sugar Water" off Dulce

Nujabes, "The Space Between Two Worlds" off Samurai Champloo Soundtrack

Butcher Brown, "It Was Me (Car Chase)" off Solar Music

Evolve for 21 October 2023

3 o'clock hour

Butcher Brown, "This Side of Sunshine" off Solar Music

MF DOOM, "High John" off Special Herbs

Joshua Redman, "My Heart in San Francisco (Holiday)" feat. Gabrielle Cavassa off Where Are We

Jocelyn Gould, "Jessica's Birthday" off Sonic Bouquet

Simon Moullier, "Pfrancing" off Inception

Mndsgn, "Sheets" off Yawn Zen

Mike Jones/Penn Jillett/Jeff Hamilton, "Gone With The Wind" off Are You Sure You Three Guys Know What You're Doing?

Geof Bradfield Quintet, "Plucky" off Quaver

Naya Baaz (Rez Abbasi & Josh Feinberg), "Make It So" off Charm

Teebs, "View Point" off Estara

Dave Easley, "East of the Sun" off Ballads

Brian Blade & The Fellowship Band, "Catalyst" off Kings Highway

Flying Lotus, "Golden Diva" off Los Angeles

Drew Zaremba, "Money" off Reunion

4 o'clock hour

Yussef Dayes, "Rust" feat. Tom Misch off Black Classical Music

DJ Harrison, "Giza" off Stashboxxx

Trio Grande (Will Vinson/Gilad Hekselman/Nate Wood), the title track to Urban Myth

Bex Burch, "Dawn Blessings" off There is only love and fear

Resavoir, "Inside Minds" off Resavoir (II)

Gold Panda, "We Work Nights" off Half of Where You Live

Yuhan Su, "Character" off Liberated Gesture

Anna Webber, "Swell" off Shimmer Wince

THEESatisfaction, "Stars Set In" off THEESatisfaction LOVES Erykah

Daniel Villarreal w/ Jeff Parker & Anna Butterss, "Daytime Nighttime" off Lados B

Kiefer, "Dreamer" off It's OK, B U

Teebs, "Pretty Poly" off Collections 01

Matthew Halsall, the title track to An Ever Changing View


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