The Line-Up and Evolve for 6 & 7 October 2023

The Line-Up for 5 October 2023

Billy Mohler, "Disorder II" off Ultraviolet

Rel, "Heart Beat On It" off Out Of View

Dave Easley, "Fleurette Africaine" off Ballads

Maria Elena Silva, "Sugar Water" off Dulce

DJ Harrison, "Echo Parking" off Stashboxxx

Matthew Halsall, the title track to An Ever Changing View

Steve Lehman & Orchestre National de Jazz, "Los Angeles Imaginary" off Ex Machina

DJ Harrison, "Carnaval 74" off Stashboxxx

Miguel Zenon & Dan Tepfer, "La Izquierda Latina Americana" off Internal Melodies

Daniel Villarreal w/ Jeff Parker & Anna Butterss, "Sunset Cliffs" off Lados B

Jonti, the title track to Twirligig

Psychic Temple feat. Lisa Bella Donna, "Approaching Sunset" off A Universe Regards Itself

Evolve for 6 October 2023

3 o'clock hour

Matthew Halsall, the title track to An Ever Changing View

THEESatisfaction, "Game BLOUSES" off THEESatisfaction Loves ERYKAH

Emmet Cohen, "Just The Way You Are" off Master Legacy Series Vol. 5: Houston Person

Darcy James Argue's Secret Society, "All In" off Dynamic Maximum Tension

Mister Barrington, "Helter's Kelter" off II

Max Light, "Subjective Object" off Henceforth

Alex Coke & Carl Michel Sextet, "After the Rain" off Emergence

Teebs, "While You Doooo" off Ardour

Joel Harrison, "Migratory Birds" off Anthem of Unity

Sharon Minemoto, the title track to Dark Night, Bright Stars

Apple Juice Kid, "Bitches"

The Angelica Sanchez Nonet, "Astral Light of Alarid" off Nighttime Creatures

4 o'clock hour

Billy Mohler, "The Wait" off Ultraviolet

Mndsgn, "Sheets" off Yawn Zen

Anna Webber, "Swell" off Shimmer Wince

Johnathan Blake, "West Berkeley St." off Passage

Teebs, "View Point" off Estara

Pilc Moutin Hoenig, "The Song Is You" off YOU Are The Song

Kiefer, "Dreamer" off It's OK, B U


Miki Yamanaka, "Uh Oh" off Shades of Rainbow

Steve Lehman & Orchestre National de Jazz, "Chimera" off Ex Machina

Yussef Dayes, "The Light" feat. Bahia Dayes off Black Classical Music

Taylor McFerrin, "Stepps" off Early Riser

Maria Elena Silva, "Sugar Water" off Dulce


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