The Line-Up for 5-14-2010

Tonight's episode of The Line-Up is the typical grab bag of stuff from the KRTU library, stuff that came to mind, and a couple of new things I've been playing a lot that you can also hear over at Nextbop. I swear, the more I work on that site, the more Nextbop and The Line-Up seem to go hand in hand.

Gerald Clayton - Love All Around
Clayton is quickly becoming one of my favorite musicians, plus I think his dreads are awesome.
Ahmad Jamal - The Blooming Flower
I must be honest. The computer picked this one, but the computer usually doesn't lead me astray.
Lizz Wright - Afro Blue
Wright is peforming at the Carver Community Cultural Center next month. That's something for which San Antonians can wait on pins and needles. I'll likely have more to say about that in the coming weeks but getting the word and her talent out now isn't a bad idea.
Sound Directions - On the Hill
I try not to go too long on the show without playing some Madlib.
Avishai Cohen - The Ever Evolving Etude
Sometimes I think to myself, "Who haven't I played in a while." This time, I asked about Avishai Cohen.
Baptiste Trotignon - Suite... Pt. I
Trotignon is a pianist out of France who we're featuring over at Nextbop this week. I heard this album and was immediately impressed with how this quintet could have such a big sound. I love how they work like a well-oiled machine but still improvise so well with one another. Trotignon and his quintet need to come to this side of the ocean soon.
Chick Corea & Return to Forever - 500 Miles High
The computer picked this one too, but if you listen to The Line-Up regularly, I try to throw a fusion or soul song in every episode to show the range of the modern jazz sound. Fusion and modern jazz aren't that set apart, they just have to be shown in the right context. Besides, I love Chick Corea's fusion period. I love pretty much anything involving Stanley Clarke even more.
Jason Lindner - Seven Ways
If there's anything I heard in the last week that impressed me even more than Baptiste Trotignon, it was Jason Lindner's Now Vs. Now. This album is spectacular. The beats are groove inducing. It's like hearing an American Incognito that doesn't miss anything when Maysa doesn't show up. Find this album, get this album. Get it now.
The Bad Plus - Heart of Glass
I also try not to go too long without playing something from The Bad Plus. Besides, I've been going back to These are the Vistas lately and marvelling at how great their breakout album was. Some days, I'm feeling Prog. Some days, I'm actually appreciating Suspicious Activity? But there are just some days when I have to be amazed at how great this group is the first time the world ever heard them. This is one of those moments.


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