The Line-Up for 5-7-2010

This week is a combination of perfect songs showing up in the library at the proper time, a certain degree of reconciliations with what I do and do not own, and good old fashioned references to stuff from next week. Just your standard episode of The Line-Up.

Esbjörn Svensson Trio - In My Garage
Sometimes I just like to not go too long on this show without playing E.S.T. No real reason why this is here; Svennson came to mind so I put this here at the top of the hour.
Leon Thomas - China Doll
KRTU has a bump that uses this song. Sometimes the bump plays and I think it's a rather nice song but I never knew the song's name. The library chose to play this song so I gave it a listen and lo and behold, it was the song from the bump. Plus, this is Leon Thomas, who I really only know as the guy who's singing in Pharoah Sanders' "The Creator Has a Master Plan." If you don't notice that, you will by the time you get to the moaning.
Christian Scott - Jenacide
Lately it just seems like if I ever need a pick-me-up, I'll just play this song. That's especially weird considering the subject matter and tone of much of Scott's Yesterday You Said Tomorrow but Jamire Williams is just so bangin' on the drums that it's one of those songs I like to play whenever I'm walking somewhere and want to feel really dramatic.
Gretchen Parlato - Weak
I've said numerous times that much of this show is put together through a week of commuting to work by bus or maybe while washing dishes. I love this song, I love the way Parlato sang it, I love Robert Glasper's arrangement and the total wall of sound at the end. It makes for epic dishwashing sessions.
Jason Parker - Three Hours
Parker just recently kicked off his West Coast tour. I may not be able to do much, but I can let folks know if they're listening on the East Coast to this little radio show out of San Antonio to check out Parker and his band throughout the next couple of months.
Jacky Terrasson - The Rat Race
Terrasson just released his latest album, Push. KRTU has it but it's not yet input into the library. It's sure to get a bunch of play pretty soon but I figured I'd play one of his tracks now as a primer.
Kneebody - Wide Eyed
You know, I need more Kneebody in my life. Someone should send me some Kneebody, post haste.
Nina Simone/Masters at Work - See-Line Woman
My good friend, Carlton, asked me if I could play Simone's version of "Wild is the Wind." I told him the song is outside the scope of my show but I'd see what I could do. I got to the station to find there isn't a single version of "Wild is the Wind" in the library anyway. If it's there, it's certainly not saved in the computer but could be on a record somewhere. I'll get into the investigation later but I knew I had to do something. Fortunately, after some degree of scouring, I found a song by Nina Simone that could still work with the feel of The Line-Up. Essentially anything off the Verve: Remixed compilation will work, so here's the next best thing I could do.
Miles Davis - Tutu
My friend and likely the most awesome colleague I've had yet (besides probably Alex), Seb, recently attended Marcus Miller's Tutu Revisited concert and loved the show. He loved it a lot. He loved it so much, he cast the law to the side to make sure everyone knew about how great this concert was so people could see it for themselves when it came to town. It's sort of like what Darcy James Argue does for his shows to pique interest. He certainly made me wish I could be there. Although funnily enough, he'd never heard Miles Davis' original album. Should he not have gotten to it yet, I made sure to close out tonight's show with the title track from Davis' Tutu. It seems only right.

Oh, and if you haven't read my Nextbop post for this week yet, I highly recommend that you do. People seem to like it a lot.


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