The Line-Up for 5-28-2010

I can't think of much I have to say for tonight's episode. How was your Miles Davis Day? It was last Wednesday if you can't remember. Oh, and you may want to check out the stuff over at Nextbop. After some snags this last week, we've had a whirlwind past couple of days. There's a bunch of talk going on about how we should approach booking shows, with or without opening acts and for how much pay. It got pretty messy but also pretty fun. Check it out. Otherwise, here's The Line-Up for tonight.

Lizz Wright - A Taste of Honey
Just another friendly reminder to catch Lizz Wright at the Carver this coming June 12th.
Russell Gunn - Footprints
Aaron Prado has returned to KRTU San Antonio for the summer. This is the man who crafted the sound of the station and we're all pleased as punch to have him back. Last week, I heard him play some Russell Gunn and I really liked it so I made sure to play him this week. Finding out Gunn did some Miles work fit into this week's motif even more.
Aaron Parks - Nemesis
I really just felt like playing some Aaron Parks on a whim. What's funny is when I asked on Twitter what to play, just as I was thinking Aaron Parks, Seb said him as well. We share a brain, I tell you.
Kneebody - Never Remember
I need more of this band. I need their albums. I want them on  Nextbop. Someone make that happen.
Gretchen Parlato - Weak
Yes, I'm playing Gretchen Parlato again. I love her so.
Robert Glasper - No Worries
Seb suggested I play some Robert Glasper this week as well, so here it is. It's also in this exact spot because Glasper did the arrangements for Parlato's "Weak," so it would only make sense to play one after the other.
Miles Davis - Human Nature
Out of all the people who work at the station, I think I'm the only one who likes Miles' work from the 80s. Whenever anyone has anything disparaging to say about Miles, someone always brings up that time he covered Michael Jackson or Cindi Lauper. I say who better to cover the King of Pop than the Priest of Jazz.
Avishai Cohen - Come Together
When it was suggested I play some Avishai Cohen this week (by Seb again), I thought back to Cohen's Lyla album. A few tracks were in the library, but not this one. I ran to the on air booth to the CDs and found this album and squealed. I did in fact squeal. This is one of those tracks I remember Prado playing as I got ready for school in the morning, years back. It's just the bass and drums and it's such a perfect song.
Pat Metheny & Brad Mehldau - Marta's Theme
This isn't here because I felt like hearing some Pat Metheny. It's not here because I love playing Brad Mehldau. It's not even here because hearing the name "Marta" makes me think of Atlanta. I must be honest; this song is here because it's under 3:00 long.
Charles Earland - Upper Atlantis
The computer picked this but it was getting pretty funky so it stayed.
Miles Davis - Full Nelson
And I close the show with some more 80s Miles. I hope you had a great Miles Davis Day.


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