The Line-Up for 5-21-2010

Yet another show put together for you to enjoy. This one was mostly a "Retro combs through the KRTU library" episodem I hope you enjoy.

Joe Lovano & Hank Jones - Six and Four
With Hank Jones' passing this past week, I knew I wanted to play something of this tonight. Nextbop posted an interview he did with us and mentioned working with Joe Lovano on a couple of projects so I knew just what to look for.
J Dilla - Oblighetto
Imagine my surprise to look through the categories and see a J Dilla track. Seeing his name meant mandatory airplay.
Brad Mehldau - Dropjes
Recently, JD asked me to record a quick promo and asked me if I had any song in mind to play in the background. While I was thinking, JJ chimed in and said, "Something from Brad Mehldau!" Theses people know me too well.
Weather Report - Teen Town
I've been seriously craving some Weather Report lately.
Dafnis Prieto - Taking the Soul for a Walk
The computer picked this. I don't mind.
Nat King Cole/Cut Chemist - Day In Day Out
I picked this because it's short and because the last time I played it, it was quite awesome.
Fly Trio - Elena Berenjena
Computer picked it but how can I say no to Larry Grenadier and Jeff Ballard?
Ronnie Foster - Mystic Brew
This has been stuck in my head for a little bit. It's sampled and remixed too often for the original not to get some play every now and then.
Roy Hargrove/RH Factor - Rich Man's Welfare
I knew I wanted to play some Roy Hargrove. This fit.
Taylor Eigsti - Get Your Hopes Up
Computer picked it.
Jason Lindner - Worrisome
I'm playing some more Jason Lindner because Now Vs Now is AWESOME!


Jonathan said…
Hey! is there anyway to listen to this after its been aired?!

also enjoy your writing on nextbop.

You can access KRTU's audio archives which go back two weeks for every hour of programming on the station here:
Mine's Friday's at 9.
Thanks for listening and for your support.

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