The Line-Up for 7-15-2011

I don't really have much special to say for this week's show. I had a pretty good birthday and a shoutout in the LA Times so I'm feeling pretty good. This week's show should reflect that.

Peter Erskine - Pong
I was just looking through the library and ran across this song. This is a good random selection.
Kneebody - Teddy Ruxpin
I had hopes I could get up to Austin and check out their show this week but my ride fell through. I'm a little disappointed but I can only get all Zen-like and say I am where I should be and leave things at that. Still, this is what I was missing.
Ben Allison - Some Day We'll All Be Free
It's my birthday so I'm playing one of my favorite songs of the year. I owe it to myself.
ERIMAJ - Conflict of a Man
Ever since Jamire & Co. dropped this song last week, it's been stuck in my head. Now it should be stuck in yours.
Harriet Tubman - Night Master/Ascension
This group really starts to grow on you the more you're willing to expand your mind.
Marco Benevento - RISD
I haven't played anything from Between the Needles and Nightfall in a little while, have I?
Thundercat - Daylight
The second half of this song always seems to make up for the first half. I feel like I'm breaking some on air rule when I play this until it breaks into that second half.
The Nels Cline Singers - Devining
Like Harriet Tubman's "Night Master/Ascencion", I like this one more and more whenever I hear it.
Brad Mehldau - Everything In Its Right Place
Everything about this song is perfect. Jorge Rossy and Larry Grenadier get to shine brightly. The trio take Radiohead to a whole other level (as usual). The song, both the original and all covers, has always been an anthem of mine about serenity. It's the perfect song to play to commemorate another year of life for me.

Mic Breaks
Mecca:83 - Detroit Twilight
Mecca:83 - The Message
Daedelus - Denovement
Daedelus - Experience


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