Calling a Probable Spade a Spade, All the While Trying to Avoid Blasphemy

While in bible study this evening, the lesson discussed was about dispensations and the compartments of hell. I tend to really like bible study because I approach my Christianity a lot like I approach school, I like learning.

Anyway, things got a little funny to me when the etymology of Gehenna was mentioned. Gehenna is one subgroup of hell but its name comes from an actual geographic location directly outside of Jerusalem. Gehenna was a burning trash heap. Apparently, Christ in his teaching referred to hell as akin to a burning trash heap but I can't help but think he was (for lack of a better word) dumping on that place. What's funnier is that when you think about it, He's sort of done this before.

In my heart of hearts, I know Jesus was loving and forgiving. His teachings were the next stage of Judeo-Christianity. This is a religion of tolerance, no matter what others say about it. But that still doesn't change the fact that in moments like these, my Savior seems a tad racist. Although, I'm thinking Christ's tactics are akin to him being relatable to His audience.

At worst, He could have been oversensationalizing in order to capture attention.


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